Working Class Youths Been Constructed As Dangerous? Essay

Working Class Youths Been Constructed As Dangerous? Essay

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HOW HAVE WORKING CLASS YOUTHS BEEN CONSTRUCTED AS DANGEROUS? Youth is a bracket of the population that refers more to a stage in life rather than definite age ranges.Youth falls between childhood and adulthood at which one considers himself or herself at the prime of his life. It is the period in life in which one establishes himself or herself in life and sets the course of what he or she wants their future life to be like. Most youths establish their interests and make lifetime choices based on them. After the youth have chosen what they want to do and are earning a living from it is when they are referred to as the working class. The working class comprises a group engaging in a broad range of activities intended not only provide their daily needs, but to enable one to live a comfortable life. One might decide to be an employee or employ himself or herself depending on one’s preferences.
Some of the jobs youth do include banking (as tellers), salesmanship, teaching, cooking, engineering among others. Others make living out of their talents for instance; footballers, basketballers, singers, artists et cetera. Each choice has its good and bad sides, and the question of whether they are wrong or right is more subjective than definitive and always pegged on the moral code. Therefore, it is not surprising that some actions of youths have been pegged wrong or dangerous both in the past and present. It is an undeniable fact, however that young people are an important part of the society.
This paper intends to scrutinize and analyse how the working class youth group have been constructed as dangerous both in the past and the present. According to biology and human physiology, the youth (particularly in the subgroup of adolescen...

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... for media, there is no discrimination in what news to disseminate and they rarely limit the audience. Most films and television shows depict the youth as a rowdy and violent lot. Take wrestling for example. It is a show dominated by youths and has been there for centuries .
In the medieval times, wrestling was a sport among a lot of societies, and those who won most duels were celebrated and feared concurrently. Watching such figures being respected and feared inspired a lot of youths to fight in order to earn respect among peers. This is the same case today. The media portray the youth as violent not only through wrestling but also action films, sports competitions and over the news. Most heinous crimes broadcasted in local televisions channels’ news list youth characters as main suspects in proceeding investigations. Most of these youths are of the working cla...

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