Essay about Women’s Role in Society: Throughout the Years

Essay about Women’s Role in Society: Throughout the Years

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Modernism is the term of deviating from the norm. In the early 1900s, modernism influenced women’s role in society by providing more opportunities, jobs, and role models for girls today, in society.
In the 1920s-1940s, women were encouraged to step outside of the home and work, but on the other hand, women were also encouraged to be stay-at-home mothers. Women should stay at home if they have the ability to do so. However, women should not feel like they have to be isolated from the rest of the world with chores and children all day.
In 1920, The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. The Equal Right Amendment, often referred as (ERA), was first introduced to Congress in 1923. The amendment should have equal rights, and provokes the idea that women should be housewives. Many women stepped out of the home and became role models for those who chose not to do so. As these vast amounts of changes took place, more and more women began to branch out. In October of 1929, the stock market crash occurred, and left the U.S. economy in a frantic situation. It was a difficult time for most, if not all families. Thousands left their homes, looking for a better and brighter future. Women on the other hand had hope. They were less likely to lose their jobs because most of them worked in sex-segregated services and earned very little amount of money. This suggests reasoning behind the fact, during this time period, most women stayed at home. They might have been afraid that they were not going to make scarcely any money. They preferred staying at home, taking care of to the home instead. This was the establishment set forth for the years to come.
Throughout the 1930s, women became part of the community in a variety of different organi...

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...t first began in the 1920s. In 1993, young girls were introduced as the Ms. Foundation for Women for its first annual Take Our Daughter to Work Day. In 1997, (WNBA), The Women’s National Basketball Association was introduced.
Modernism’s effect on women in society was powerful. Women stepped outside of their homes to be role models for others. Today, there are more women who are in the workforce, than there are in homes. With modernism, we have the power to change anything.

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