Women's Position in the Patriarchal Society Essay

Women's Position in the Patriarchal Society Essay

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There are only two genders in the whole world, one is male and the other is female. There are lots of advocates and sociologist who has spoken for the equality between men and women but till now the goal of equality has not been achieved yet. Women have always been dominated by the men in the Patriarchal society where men are the head of the household and the rule makers. Men are the supreme authority and women are the followers. When we hear these things, even in the 21 century it is not the new or surprising things because it is still being practiced in our society and there aren’t any women in the world that had not been through this discrimination at least once in their life time. It is not that, women have not fight for their right but the fact is that nobody is there to hear their voices. Women have always wanted to gain their rights and they have also fought for it too but it is their misfortune that their privileges and opportunities are always taken away from them by the men. The question might arise whether all human beings are equal? If so why male and female are not equal? Being a woman brought up in a developing country, I have experienced the effects of this societal dichotomy. Thus, I would like to delineate this aspect of the division in the society by using the Feminist Theory to analyze women’s position in the Patriarchal society and I am choosing Simone de Beauvoir as my theorist.
Feminist theory is similar to critical theory which focuses on social status of two genders i.e. man and woman in the Patriarchal societies. Its main concern is rights of women. For example voting rights, property right, equal pay in the office, equal opportunities which are the things that women always want to achieve in their life. ...

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...nothing has been achieved. The question of equality always rises but answer to it is unknown yet. The propensity of male domination is deeply rooted in the society and women have always been humiliated, tortured and less valued by the men. Even today, men are supposed to be the head of the family and women are confined within the four walls of the house. Lastly, it won’t be unfair to mention that we still live in the patriarchal society where men are the culprit and the women are the victim. The patriarchy is so deeply engrained in the society and nobody knows how many years it will take to eradicate its root from the society forever.

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