Women 's Roles Of Ancient Sumerian Essay example

Women 's Roles Of Ancient Sumerian Essay example

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Women’s roles to Ancient Sumerian’s
It has been shown throughout history that women have played a variety of roles whether it was ranging from being a piece of property to being the queen. As showed in The Epic of Gilgamesh women played many different roles some were concubines and others were said to be goddesses. As said women played a very significant role in this era due to: being very fertile, having roles of goddesses, and even a woman was the one who showed Enkidu here ways. However at times you have to look past the exterior and look at the interior of the woman to find the real significance she played.
When looking at woman roles in the book the most apparent showing of the significance of women is when Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, says,” Trapper, go back, take with you a harlot, a child of pleasure. At the drinking-hole she will strip, and when he sees her beckoning he will embrace her and the game of the wilderness will surely reject him.” Gilgamesh did this to try and make Enkidu weaker, but behind the whole story it is seen that the woman is the one that showed Enkidu the ways of life. She went to him when nobody could get through to him and made him see the goodness of man. Much like this woman Ninsun, Gilgamesh’s mother, played a very apparent role in the story. From the very beginning Gilgamesh has many dreams which he goes and tells to his mother, who is of a god, so she can explain them to him. Much like the Harlot, Gilgamesh’s mother was the one that he went to when he had a problem and she was the only one who could fix and decipher it for him. Showing that just from this first chapter of the book it can be told that the women play a very prominent role in Gilgamesh’s life and in this kingdom of Uruk...

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...of Creation. It did not matter the role of the woman, but that every woman that was mentioned in the epic was one that without her the story would not be able to move forward. Just like in the Epic of Gilgamesh the Ancient Sumerian beliefs were very similar to the ones of the people of Uruk. They indeed believed in Gods each city was assigned a God to protect them or a Goddess. As well as they did not limit the woman to a specific role in society. Woman and men ( If priveledged enough) could go to school and get an education. However Ancient Sumerians did view woman as being very fertile and being able to create life with just a simple action. Although throughout time women’s roles have changed from being a pesent to now having woman run for office but it goes to show that woman never lacked being important they always had a prominent role in society.

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