William Shakespeare 's Othello And The Tempest Essay

William Shakespeare 's Othello And The Tempest Essay

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Matters of the heart have always been a theme within Williams Shakespeare’s plays. Elements of love, lust, and heartbreak have had major in his writings. Examples of this includes “Pericles”, “Cymbeline”, “The Winter’s Tale”, “The Tempest” and most notoriously “Romeo and Juliet”. As seen in several of Shakespeare’s plays, what effects two individuals in a relationship can also have an effect on others on a broader scale. The romance and tragic demise of Othello and Desdemona is a prime example of how both external and internal problems such as racism, issues in the bedroom, objectification, and infidelity can put strain on a marriage. The story shows how a love so pure can evolve into that of disastrous outcomes. The story of Othello is considered as a tragic romance.

An underlying theme of “Othello” is alienation of outside races and cultural background. This concept is instrumental in the events that unfold throughout the play. Desdemona’s father, Brabantio is extremely disappointed in his daughter’s decision to marry Othello. He respects Othello as a nobleman but never anticipates their marriage. He views his daughter as property and her association with a black man as a “bad transaction”. He shares this opinion of the marriage with the majority of the people in the town. Othello and Desdemona’s marriage was seen as eccentric; inducing shock and conversation, comparable to a modern-day Donald Trump speech or Kanye West rant. There is also representation of intolerance of outside cultural backgrounds and religions in general as well. An example is the event of people in the town burning a scarecrow-like figure baring resemblance to an African male during celebration. Unacceptance of marriages similar to Othello...

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...killing her, thus further alluding that such a deed is looked upon as a sinful act. He also asks her if she needs to seek repentance for any deeds done before dying. The alleged act of infidelity was the biggest factor that effected the marriage between Othello and Desdemona because it threatened the fundamentals of trust between the two.

The many circumstances that Othello and Desdemona faced had severe impact on the stability of their marriage. Over an unfortunate series of events, Othello allowed jealousy and rage to overcome him instead of simply conversing with his wife regarding his concerns. The problems observed in this work heavily correlates with marriage issues that are still occurring. Many couples allow outside influences, as well as personal inhibitions to distract them from what matters the most. Their spouse is what matters most.

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