Essay about Why we Need More Art And Music Classes

Essay about Why we Need More Art And Music Classes

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Napoleon Bonaparte once said "A picture is worth a thousand words." It means that the image can have a greater impact than any words said. Art and music can have that effect. Most people would agree with him, but others would say that art and music is waste of time. Due to budget cuts and art and music classes being a distraction, schools have decided to eliminate art and music classes. On the other hand, students enjoy these classes just as much as young adults do in college. Our school needs more music and art departments because the classes fascinate the students and keep them in school, there are opportunities for scholarships, and students who take an interest in music education frequently do better than their peers in core classes.

Art and music classes would give more opportunities to the talented in those classes and keep them interested. "I think more art and music courses would benefit creative students, instead of just having a general art or music class." (Danielle Diehl, Senior at Salisbury-elk Lick High School). Being in middle school, everyone likes to at least participate and enjoy their classes whether it’s by trying to interact more with the class or just try harder. In a response to the article "Should schools offer more electives?" Danielle Diehl, a senior at Salisbury-Elk Lick High School said that the class does not interest the student to their wanting, students will not try as hard for a good grade(s) (Neri). If the classes interest the students, they will It means that the image can have a greater impact than any words said. Art and music can have that effect. to keep their grades up. In result, they will get a bad overall grade or worse, fail the class. Having more music and/or art classes could possib...

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... So they could share a room. Art can have a room for clay and pottery and use that room for painting and firing. Then music/band could use the band room and another room for instruments.

Valley Center Middle School would be interested in more art and music electives. Art and music classes intrigue the students and persuade them to stay in school. Scholarships are offered in the future for art and music. Also studies have shown that students who take art and music classes have improved in the other core classes. Art and music lets people be who they are, express their emotions, personalities, and talents. Since the beginning of time people have been making music and art for a living, or just for fun. "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world,, then it can only be through music," says Jimi Hendrix. Art and music can leave you speechless.

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