Why to Travel By Plane Instead of Car Essay

Why to Travel By Plane Instead of Car Essay

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“ A family of five was traveling to Florida for a family vacation when the family was suddenly struck between two semi’s. The EMT’s pronounced the whole family dead at the scene earlier that night. Police have yet to release details on what the cause of the accident was but said it was an unexpected incident”, the local news reported said.

Traveling by plane is safer than driving by car for 3 main reasons: pilots go through intensive training, roads have more traffic than the sky, and there are more car crash fatalities per year than deaths caused by plane crashes.

Pilots Go Through Intensive Training

Pilots are professionals at their jobs. When people step into a plane they should feel safe and comfortable. When flying people are putting their life into the pilot's hands. But don’t worry not everyone can just fly a plane. Pilots need to take many classes and fly for many hours with an instructor before they can get the lowest and most basic pilot license. Pilots also need to log so many hours before they can go through the next stage of lessons to get a high ranked licsons. Just to get a private pilots license pilots need to log over 250 hours. Pilots fly many different types of planes to log their hours before they can fly commercial airliners. When they first step foot into a passenger plane they do not take the controls right away. They must go through the stages of being a co-pilots first and build up their experience. Being a co-pilot builds up experience but also gets the pilots comfortable with their surroundings. Pilots must log over 2,000 hours of being a co-pilot and then go through more schooling and training. When you walk into a plane usually the pilot stands by the door and greets his passengers When ...

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So the next time people travel long distances they should chose to fly instead of driving. Traveling by plane is safer than driving by car for 3 main reasons: pilots go through intensive training, roads have more traffic than the sky, and there are more car crash fatalities per year than deaths caused by plane crashes. So take action by ditching the wheels and hitting the wings.

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