Why Mongols Were Barbarians Or Acted Barbaric? Essay example

Why Mongols Were Barbarians Or Acted Barbaric? Essay example

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There has been great conversation about whether the Mongols were barbarians or acted Barbaric throughout their lifetime. When looking at the Mongol civilization to determine if they are barbaric or not depends on several factors, what does barbaric mean, how do the Mongol cities act, and how do their people act away from their cities. The major thing to look at when determining if the Mongols are barbaric, what classifies a barbarian and what does it mean to be barbaric. We can see that in the times of ancient Rome, barbarians are just foreigners to their land. The term barbaric has changed as time has changed from being a foreigner to acting uncivilized and being a savage people. So if we are using the old Roman term for barbarian; then yes the Mongols were barbarians, but we are also looking at the new term of a barbarian. The Mongol land was very strict on theft, adultery, murder, and other actions like these. The severity of the state to these offences was so harsh that people felt safe enough to leave their carts and houses unlocked throughout the night. These laws were not only...

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