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Why Marriage Matters Essay

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Marriage, a Backbone to Civilization

Marriage matters. If marriage did not matter, would it even be considered when growing up? The common child at some point thinks about getting married and having children. Our society has gone through monumental shifts throughout its history. A theme that has not changed however, marriage, has survived through it all due to its importance. Our children and our health are two of the most important aspects of life. Marriage will help in both of those categories. Children have better relationships with their parents because of marriage. Watching their parents, they grow up having better relationships themselves. Increased success in school has been noted. Families are more financially stable, leading to a better environment for a child. And of course, we need our health to maintain anything, and that too is affected by marriage. Marriage is recognized everywhere in the world. It has been around for centuries and is a cornerstone to the foundation of modern day society.
Having your mom and dad around is great. When mom cannot handle something, go ask dad. When dad cannot handle something, go ask mom. Where a strong marriage is, a strong family tie lies within. CIVITAS, the Institute for the Study of Civil Society reports:
On average, children whose parents married and stayed married see their fathers more frequently than children whose parents divorced or never married and have more affectionate relationships with their fathers.
I have witnessed this myself among my friends whose parents are separated or divorced. Love is there for both mom and dad but one parent is just around more often. In all my friends’ cases, their mother is the caretaker. Marriage allows for...

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