Why I Learn The Alphabet And The Number Line Essay

Why I Learn The Alphabet And The Number Line Essay

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Growing up as a child most things come naturally from saying your ABC’s to adding your 123’s. Although as like the majority of educational assets in life they tend to get tougher over the years as you begin to age and develop. For instance, kinder garden for most people seemed fairly easy when all you were asked to do was learn the alphabet and the number line. Then you move on to 1st grade and advance to adding and subtracting the numbers and learn how to group the alphabet into words. Thus and advancing to second grade then learning how to solve larger addition problems and begin to form sentences with the words you have learned.Soon, fairly getting a general set of elementary knowledge to help equip you for further academic challenges you must be the able to face in middle school (6th-8th), high school (9th-12th) and so on.

Moreover, as I began my middle school years I began to quickly realize that the assignments I began to receive from my English teachers such as essays started to become a lot to much difficult for me. This is how I began to fear to write small or large essays. Then, before I could even begin to react and try to conquer this fear I suddenly started to form an incompetent state of mind and began to believe that I was not smart enough to complete them. In result, I started to recognize that the grades in my English class begun to plummet severely. Which then caused for the teacher to contact my parents and schedule an important conference, regarding the fact of will I will be promoted to the next grade or not.

Furthermore, during the conference my teacher began to mention nothing but great things about my behavior and attitude towards class and participation. Which then had me thinking that the conference ha...

... middle of paper ...

... fear of essays and just not that, it also made my essay writing skills to excel gradually. For instance, through my high school years writing essays became like a second nature to me, I began to average about a “B+” in each English or Literature class I ever attended. Also, when it came time to write college anecdotes and essays, and also essays for scholarships, went exceptionally well in my favor. Not to mention, English became my new favorite subject.
To conclude, things such as typing papers and writings essays might become difficult and even a great struggle for some people. Although that does no mean give up, with a little more hard work and dedication you could even surpass you expectations.For instance, I myself had a fierce struggle with reading and writing. In contrast, I fought through the struggle and even found a greater liking for reading and writing.

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