White Collar Crime in America Essay

White Collar Crime in America Essay

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We like every other person in this world, when we hear the word crime; we automatically get an image of a person from a low class in a bad neighborhood and coming from a troubled family. However, who knew that those who are educated and coming from a wealthy family can also pertain to the world of crime and mischief. We as human beings tend to also be judgmental, assuming that only unprivileged men have a drive to commit an offense against the law then a prosperous individual. Nevertheless, it is not our evil doing that we are regularly pushed to foresee this problem this way, especially not when it is the media, the government, and the media are the ones who painting this picture for us.
In this universe we are surrounded by none ending crime, crime is broking down into two sections that have categories of their own those are street crime and white collar crime. Street crime is committed by those who poor, uneducated, unemployed, homeless, and pertain to a racial minority. In the other hand white collar crime is carried out by those that come from a middle class or upper-middle-cl...

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