Essay on What you Need to Know to Prepare for the Fire Academy

Essay on What you Need to Know to Prepare for the Fire Academy

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There are not very many Jobs that are a glamorous then the ones that are held by our nation’s firemen. They are the men and women who go diving into the heart of the deadly situation when everyone else’s instinct kicks in and are fleeing for their lives. Fire departments are responsible to aid in the protection of lives, property and the environment. Most people do not understand or have any idea about how firemen do their jobs or go about their days. “Ron Howard tried his best to depict firefighting in his movie “Backdraft”. But even he admitted that he had to take liberties with the truth. He sent his actors, crew and himself through training with the Chicago Fire Department. He discovered that firefighting is dark and dangerous. It is not the glorious walk through the flames that Hollywood would like you to believe. In an interview, Ron Howard stated that when you are in a fire that you can’t see anything. Unfortunately that makes for a boring movie. Imagine a movie made up of gray darkness and muffled yelling. He admitted that he took liberties in order to make a movie. The latest movie, "Ladder 49", was much the same way. There was room after room of nice smokeless fire. When we practice or train, we often wear black hoods over our breathing apparatus face pieces. This best simulates what we can usually see in a fire” (What Firefighters Really do). Firefighters are not unseeing to the dangers of fighting fires. “How can firefighters perform when the average person would be paralyzed with fear? Most firefighters will tell you it is just a matter of keeping your composure and getting the job done, coupled with outstanding training and the knowledge that you are surrounded by competent co-workers who are always looking out for ...

... middle of paper ... sure that you are in good physical condition so you will be able to handle the punishment that will come if you do pass. Next you should have enough control over your emotions to handle the high stress, high pace that will come with entrance into the fire academy. Last and most important of all is make sure you are mentally ready to rise to the challenge.
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