What Makes The Criminal Mind? Essay

What Makes The Criminal Mind? Essay

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What makes the criminal mind? Many believe it’s the natural born mind that provokes his violet acts or thoughts which makes the human mind the most dangerous criminal of all. With this also brings the theory of society’s way of life the people in one’s society or man’s past experience of traumatic events influence the human mind. One man named Edgar Allan Poe has brought these theories into question. Which his characters demonstrate the characteristic of a criminal, with wicked thoughts or behavior. This author makes the reader feel the emotion the insanity and the darkness of his characters. What were his reasons his intentions, his influence to produce such characters. Was it his natural born mind, society or traumatic past experience?
Edgar Allan Poe has been a very famous author in the modern era, but his recognition did not come until century’s later. Due to the fact him being of the romanticism era with a gothic feel of a writer, his work was not all that popular being known as the “tomahawk man” for his brutal way of critiquing and “the raven” for his most popular poem, Poe didn’t get the correct recognition he deserved. Living in poverty his whole adulthood, Poe’s life was a more of a challenging and heartbreaking life. His father left him at a young age and his rich foster father demised his foster son; Poe’s mothers both died of tuberculosis. With this Poe carried on with his life pursuing his passion to write and also falling in love. His wife, Virginia was his safe heaven his escape from the cruel times trying to make a living as a writer and from his drinking problem. Yet again the person he dearly loved the most was stricken with death as tuberculosis would take his wife Virginia. After this Poe crashed became depr...

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...onceal yourself from death, death is guaranteed.
In Conclusion, the influence in Edgar Allan Poe characters was a mix of owns thoughts, society corruption, and his past experience. From his short stories, a man who couldn’t bear to live without a love one, a common serial killer, and a greedy prince all had something to do with Poe’s life. I believe Poe wrote in such grim way was, because of the life he lived always falling in love but always losing them in the end. That left Poe in wonder of life and afterlife in one of his famous quote “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins” (Poe,Edgar Allan.The Premature Burial.1844). Poe was simply a man of genius that suffered from a life style of cruel society, of insane thoughts, and of death conquering the ones he truly loved.

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