What Is Social Psychological Findings On Majority And Minority Influence?

What Is Social Psychological Findings On Majority And Minority Influence?

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Discuss what social psychological findings on majority and minority influence might tell us about the processes underlying jury decision making.

The Jury is a group of twelve mixed genders selected to make a verdict in a law case based on presented evidence and facts of the case, after being given instructions on the applicable law. It is a very important role in law, which can be required in civil and criminal cases. Decision can be based on knowledge of each individual as they can be different genders and age too.

Decision making can be shifted in our brain, as we can change our thoughts and beliefs more than we imagined and that’s just by listening to and watching others. After all the research that’s been done by Jenness 1932, Asch 1951, Moscovici (1976, 1980), there are evidence on social influence, conformity and how that affected decision making even in the jury system specially when we are introduced to the Social influence which is a term that’s used to describe how an opinion of one can change the behavior in others.

The jury system make a decision based on a cognitive story model which is proposed by Pennington and Hastie, which allows the jurors to high light the most important facts out of story during the trial and interpret the evidence which they will go back to their schema and stereotype which it also can very as this will depends on the juries knowledge. This can make it a two way process as their decision which is based on all the evidence, the knowledge and how much information they will manage to note down during the trial can lead them to rely on the heuristics method which is a quick decision that’s used when a quick decision that’s based on a short cut to the brain that can give an inquora...

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... the rest with a different meaning, as it could be new information to them.

The conclusion for both majority and minority is that they share a common ground, the bigger they both are the stronger the influence will be as the majority could find it easier to relate to the minority point of view, as long is the majority and minorities are confident enough specially with the right knowledge then they can increase their influence all the way, and if they seem to be sacrificing and willing to prove their point then that’s a greater chance for them to influence others in front of them like the juries during the court hearing, they have to make a decision based on a cognitive story model and their own judgment on each individual and pass it on to the judge, where we ask does the judge decide based on the juries or does he make his own decision.

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