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What Is A Soul? Essay

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What is a Soul?
The idea of a soul is an interesting topic; it is either something as people that are comfortable with or are afraid of what will happen to us after death. A soul is supposed to be a spiritual part of a human 's life but, what about religion and other people 's opinion on this topic? The religion that I have decided to look into on what their take on a soul is, Buddhism.
I decided to pick the religion Buddhism because I am researching more depth of a quote that I found from Ralph Emerson. It is from his speech "The American Scholar". The speech was delivered by Emerson is August 31, 1937. Throughout the speech he goes on talking about the educational system and how we as a society should not be confined to a single room environment to learn but I have many experiences outside of the classroom and in nature strongly which he suggests. The quote that I am taking from his speech is this, "The one thing in the world of value is the active soul" (Emerson). When I read those two words in the active soul, the faith Buddhism popped into my head right away, as I was reading it. I wanted to take a deeper look into seeing what a soul really is in the Buddhist religion and if it will connect with what Emerson was saying and if this is really what he could 've believed in.
Starting off what Buddhism is and the main concept of it before we get into what a soul is in the religion. It was created by this man who was Buddha but his real name was Siddhartha Gotama. He was around 29 when he decided to leave home and travel the world looking for enlightenment through meditation and education just trying to find the path to human happiness. After eight years he had finally become enlightened and found the middle path between life and d...

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...had decided to follow this religion he was open arms to anyone joining. In his religion, you never had to do anything to be a part of it. Like for example in the Catholic faith, you must be baptized and then if you are baptized you can now get into heaven or hell. That is just an example of what I mean that you don 't have to do anything to be a part of this religion. Anyone can just be a part of it if you choose to and, of course, follow all the rules if you want to become a Buddhist.
In conclusion, a soul is something, we as human beings will never understand, but the idea of it is one of the greatest concepts our species has created. Life and death are terrifying, but it is better to live a life full of happiness and gratitude then fear and closed minded. In my opinion, Emerson did believe in Buddha a little bit and he did let it impact this life for the better.

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