What Caused The Six Day War Of 1967 Essay

What Caused The Six Day War Of 1967 Essay

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There are three main arguments for what caused the Six-Day War of 1967. The first argument put forward by Moshe Gat is that Nasser intentionally wanted to defeat and destroy Israel. All of the events leading up to the conflict were designed by Nasser to prepare to achieve this goal. He had been planning for this conflict for years. Nasser felt that in 1967 his military forces were sufficiently strong and his political support secured to the point that he would be able to attack Israel and win. To this end Nasser started to prepare his military forces. He started to move his military forces into the Sinai Peninsula near the Egypt-Israel border. The Egyptian government also requested that a portion of the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) be withdrawn from their positions between Egypt and Israel. Gat argues that this push for a partial withdrawal of the UNEF was one of the final steps on Nasser’s path to attacking Israel. Gat also argues that Nasser, being a shrewd planner, did not want the entire UNEF to withdraw before his forces were entirely mobilized in the Sinai because it would invite a preemptive strike from Israel. While the Egyptian forces were mobilizing in the Sinai Nasser ordered the Straits of Tiran closed to Israeli shipping. Gat argues that Nasser, knowing that Israel placed great importance on access to this waterway, used this to move closer to open conflict with Israel. With these steps taken Nasser believed he was close to being able to implement his plan and destroy Israel. Gat argues that while Israel attacked the Egyptian and destroyed them, it was because Nasser placed too much faith in the ability of his military forces to wage a second strike Egypt was defeated. Thus, Gat states, the Six-Day War was s...

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...ed that attempts to solve the situation diplomatically was problematic because it allowed their enemy to build up strength and left open the possibility that they could launch a first strike on Israel. The military push for action to be taken soon to prevent this. Slowly, the military put increasing pressure on Eshkol to attack. They were aided by deteriorating conditions on the home front. This was caused by mobilization of the Israeli military which was damaging the economy and military morale thus further increased the pressure to act. Eventually, Eshkol and the Israeli government decided to attack after enormous pressure was brought to bear by the military and an increasingly dangerous situation. This would lead to the start of the Six-Day war. Gluska states that Israeli security policy was the deterrence and prevention of war. This failed and would lead to war.

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