What Car Should I buy? New or Used Car Essay

What Car Should I buy? New or Used Car Essay

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New or Used Car
New or used car? That’s the question you ask yourself when you are trying to buy a car. The decision to buy a new or used car depends on what you can afford and what you feel comfortable with. Most people think buying a new car is better. In some instance, I agree entirely. Obviously, no one wants to use something someone else has already used. Nonetheless, I do believe that in some cases, buying used car has many more positives than buying a new one. Buying some used things not only cost less, but may actually last longer and run better. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, but a new car is a better choice. For instance, I took buses to work every day since I was 16. Afterwards, my mom purchased a used 2003 Toyota Camry for 3,000 and it was my first car. Driving a used car can be very stressful, while driving a new car is stress free. The difference between used and new car is the cost, convenience, the security, and insurance.
The first thing to be mindful of when you are looking for a new or used car is the monetary value. New cars often cost more than used cars. There’s also a big difference in the value that each car has. A new car loses its value very quickly. The value of a used car on the other hand is constant for a couple of years. For example, my sister has a new 2008 Toyota Camry that cost about 13,000. The difference is clear in comparing the prices, although they came from the same company. When you are driving a new car, you need to avoid depreciation value. Unless you buy a classic or unusual car, the new car value would drop immediately you drive it out of the dealership lot. The value of the car decreases from 15 to 20 percent. For example, if you were to buy a new car for $20,0...

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...reas an old car might not because it is unsecured. A new car is much more expensive, but an old car is less expensive and can easily be purchased even with low credit score in auction. When you have a new car, you will be in control of a situation. Investing in a new car is also a wise decision. The owner of a new car might incur a higher initial cost, but benefit from the investment will justify the cost. If you decide that you want to buy a car, you have a different choice to make: Should you buy new or used car? For some people, it might be an easy choice to choose to purchase a used car because of their income or credit scores. Others might be compelled to buy a new car because they are capable of meeting every standard to buy the car. When making a choice to buy a new or old car, it all comes down to making sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages.

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