Essay on We Must Replace Rocks At Tide Pools

Essay on We Must Replace Rocks At Tide Pools

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Always replace rocks. If you want to look under a rock, put it back the way it was when you 're done. Leaving a rock "belly-up" is an almost sure way to kill any animals that were living underneath it.
Plan ahead. Look at tide charts to tell you when the best time to visit tide pools, it will give you a longer time to explore and a safer exit.
Watch where you step. Barnacles and other tide pool dwellers will thank you for stepping carefully while you explore. Stay on bare rocks where you won’t crush animals, rip slippery seaweeds, or risk a fall.
Look closely. Instead of picking animals up, quietly stop and watch the rocky shore animals for a few minutes. You’ll see much more this way.
Touch gently. If you do touch an animal, wet your hands first and touch gently. Touching animals with dry fingers can damage them. If the animal tries to escape, let it go.
Help keep it clean. If you see any trash, you can collect it in a small bag and throw it out later.

Right Wall
As people turn away from the touch tank, or even initially upon entry, they will see the wall mural, as pictured below. Traditional western flow through a space generally goes left to right, so hopefully they would start with the left most panel.

What is the Intertidal (Left Panel)
Main Point: How do we define the intertidal, and what kind of ecosystem is it.

Intro Statement
Intertidal means “between the tides”, and it is a dynamic environment where the land meets the ocean. It is where the land meets the ocean.This connection of environments creates a diverse and challenging ecosystem. It also represents the boundary of Acadia National Park at the low tide line.
What are tides?
Tides are changes in the height of the ocean over time due to the position of the m...

... middle of paper ...

.... Each limpet has its own unique home scar, and the perfect fit keeps them from drying out.
Barnacles are crustaceans that build a shell around them to hide in. They have a biological epoxy that allows them to stick to rocks and not be swept way by waves.
Anemones are simple cnidarians that can pull their body in on itself to hide from predators. They are relatives of jellyfish, and they can sting their prey and small animals that try to eat them.

What is Zonation? (Side panel)
This will complement the glass case that will have organisms from each zone on each level of the case.
Intro Statement
Each intertidal organism has a certain range the can live in, in the intertidal based on how long they are exposed to the air and water. Organisms that can be exposed the longest live at the top, and those who can only stand it a little live at the bottom.

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