Essay on Wars Based On Religion And Religion

Essay on Wars Based On Religion And Religion

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In this world, we have countries and religions that try to control the minds of humans. Both countries and religions, try to enforce humans to believe in whatever it is that they want us to believe in. What would this world be like if there were no countries or religions “Imagine there’s no countries . . . And no religion too.” (Lennon 0:59-1:20) that set a boundary or a limit on the many options that we have when exploring the world , in order to come up with our own personal beliefs, independently. Wars based on religion and based on power within countries would not exist because of the separation that is set by different types of religions and countries themselves. People would not believe in somebody who determines whether we go to heaven or hell based on our actions, if people did not believe that there was a consequence to their actions because of religion. No pride of dying for the country that one represents, no sacrifice, and no massacres would be initiated under the power that the human holds within his or her hands. No laws would be created to keep humans under the control of a nation that only cares about money, power, and territory. We, the people, would not be living in a country that fought for the freedom that we were granted, which would try to control our actions later in life, our beliefs, and the way that we control our minds, if religion or countries never existed in the world.
If countries would have never existed in the world, humans would never be divided, “And the world would be one”. (Lennon 1:57) For example, the way we look, where we come from, and the color of our skins, all represents us and makes us unique individuals. This creates diversity among all of us, so that we each represent our own charac...

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...ce, “Nothing to kill or die for” (Lennon 1:10). Without the existence of countries and religions, this world would consist of human beings treated equally. There would be less discrimination, more fair treatment, equal respect regardless of the skin color that we all have, and less hate within humans, due to all the wars going on. There would not be unreasonable deaths caused by pride, flags, territory, racism, superiority, and beliefs. People would not fear believing in a heaven or hell based on their actions, but instead would fear death itself, but learn to live an equal life along with everybody else. Humans should not let our countries and religions corrupt our minds. We have the right to believe in anything we choose to believe in, as well as making our own decisions on what actions we choose to make, knowing the consequences that will come with our decisions.

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