The Warrior Society : Joining The Military Essay

The Warrior Society : Joining The Military Essay

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The Warrior Society
Joining the military is not just a job or a path to a career, but a life style that requires dedication. The life style of a service member is not easy and is made up of many different characteristics which is known as the warrior society. Authoritarian structure, isolation and alienation, class system, parent absence, importance of mission, and preparation for disaster: war make up the culture aspects of the warrior society and will be discussed in further detail (Hall, 2008).
Authoritarian structure
One interesting fact of military life is that service members fight for democracy, but do not live or practice it their self (Hall, 2008). Members of the military follow a strict authoritarian structure, which sometimes spills over into their home life structure (Hall, 2008). Not all families will function with an authoritarian structure, but in research done 80% of children who grew up in the military say their house hold was ran with the authoritarian structure (Hall, 2008). Authoritarian structure is characterized at home as the expectation that children will not talk back, questions are not tolerated, there is a lack of individualism, and children and possibly spouses will refer to the other as yes or no ma 'am and or sir depending on who the authoritative figure is (Hall, 2008). In the military a service member does not have big decisions to make, where to live is decided for them, they do what they are told to do, and fight when ordered (Hall, 2008).
Families that follow the authoritarian structure can sometimes be viewed as little armies. Historically and to an extent today the way a service members home is ran and the actions of the wife can be a direct reflection of the service member run...

... middle of paper ...

...a condition of service” (Hall, 2008, p. 55).
The characteristics of the warrior society are authoritarian structure, isolation and alienation, class system, parent absence, importance of mission, and preparation for disaster: war. The over all result of the warrior society and it 's characteristics if not balanced out seems to be detrimental to the military family. The culture of military life and the warrior society can lead to loneliness for all family members and the feeling of isolation. The impact on the family is a tremendous amount of stress making it difficult for the family unit to function. The impact on children can cause behavior problems, school performance to drop, along with anxiety and depression. The warrior society is important for counselors to understand to better help military members as well as their families cope with military life.

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