Walt Disney : A World Of Creativity Essays

Walt Disney : A World Of Creativity Essays

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Enthusiastically, I waved at my neighbor each morning as I walk out the door to start my journey as an elementary school student. Madeline was her name, though I was restricted from calling her by her first name because I was in a school building and now, I was her student. Unlike any student in the building, my second-grade teacher was my neighbor. This only augmented my excitement as I was beginning to unlock a world that will feed my knowledge and educated me. I always looked up to Walt Disney, I described him as a genius since he held the ability to create characters that jump onto a motion picture or a book that one can read and create endless imaginations. I was and still am a Disney child, as I grew up on the books and movies, enthralled by the stories that are classics. Walt Disney has set a world of creativity that I have loved and hope to explore in school.
As I loved the world of Disney, more so the movies than the books and traveling to the amusement parks at such a young age, it had a negative effect on my reading level. In the second grade, I was not on the same reading level as the other kids. My teacher had encouraged my mom to place me in after school program to improve my reading comprehension. By the next couple of months, I was on a higher-level reading comprehension since my teacher continuously gave me challenging books to read. One assignment that I had done in the second grade was to re-write the book entitled Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. This is one of my favorite assignments and memorable because I was able to put my own twist on a classic children’s book.
Surrounded by those with no interest for their education in middle school, I felt like I was the only one in the class paying attention, answering t...

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...azement. For my presentation, I created a life-size Barbie box and dressed a young high school student in a dress to impersonate the character Barbie, with a chic dress and golden locks that little girls across the world idolize. I took scissors and chopped the hair off Barbie and changed her out of a glamours dress into a casual menswear; a formal button down and black pants to symbolize Lady Macbeth emasculating Macbeth in front of the audience eyes.
As my classmates clapped, I felt a sense of appreciation. Through many writing assignments in my educational career and through many readings I was able to unlock confidence in my assignments and accept my mistakes as lessons. I was able to develop my skills in writing and readings that will lead me to a successful path as a college student and one day become a Women in the Roma culture with a degree from a university.

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