The Walking Woman, And The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Walking Woman, And The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Several texts, including but not limited to, Queen Elizabeth’s On Monsieur’s Departure, Mary Austins’ The Walking Woman, and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman explore the betterment of women writers and their texts in society. Betterment, another word for progression, in this case means where women started at the beginning of their texts and where they stand at the conclusion. However, progress does not happen overnight. Instead, it took a great deal of motivation for changes to occur. The three texts mentioned continue to expose the progress women had truly made overall during the time in which their pieces happened to be written. Thus, the creative component of the overall project coming into play. A mask acts as a portrayal of something to hide behind for a few women we took a closer look at. Therefore, women writers and their texts in society should be recognized more due to their lasting progression.
When digging a little deeper into the text, it was obvious that women in particular made progress, but in various ways. A full face mask decorated exists to validate the progress made by all three women while also representing the creative component of this project. It adds to women’s literature by marking said progress. There is a clear visual of where they started at the beginning, where they were in the middle, and then where they stood at the finish line. The left side which is pink goes to show the messier side of these women’s lives. Negative words were placed on this side because they acted as a response to how they were treated on a daily basis. One word that respectively represents Queen Elizabeth in this instance is emotion. For example, line one proclaims, “I grieve and dare not show my discontent (page...

... middle of paper ...

... they made from start to finish. It takes a certain amount of will or determination to make such changes. The cultural pressure held over women to do certain tasks such as becoming a mother or getting married became quite overwhelming. This held them back from expressing themselves in a well-suited fashion. Overall, these three texts showed how women progressed in their own literature which had been written in different time periods. It allowed them each to rise to their full potential. The creative component is a full face mask meant to express something people tend to hide themselves behind. All three women at some point in their literature went through some form of battle. At the end of the battle or the end of their texts, they were stronger. They were not known just as creatures, but instead they had the strength and confidence they so desperately longed for.

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