Essay about Walden Thoreau And Transcendentalism

Essay about Walden Thoreau And Transcendentalism

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Silence fills the air. A man in his late 20’s lies in a handmade hut in a private 14 acre woodlot known as Walden Pond. Two essays are strewn across the mossy floor: Self Reliance and Nature. Suddenly, footsteps could be heard outside. It turns out that the man’s mother came with freshly baked cookies and some food for breakfast. Later on that day, more footsteps could be heard. Outside, a group of people had emerged, looking for the young man. Once again, the tranquility of Walden Pond was broken. This man was Thoreau and he was “exploring” the modest life of simplicity by separating himself from society. Living alone in the wilderness is a great way to discover nature and to understand the need for simplicity. In a world filled with bustle and noise, wilderness’s are one of the few places to find peace and quiet. This concept was the main reason why Thoreau, a man in his late 20’s, was compelled to move to Walden Pond after getting introduced to transcendentalism by his friend Emerson. Transcendentalism is a political and literary movement meant to uproot previous ideologies and to establish a new way of thinking that was unique to only America. Because decades have past since America’s independence from Britain, certain people, lead by Emerson, believed that it was time for a unique style that was created in America, as to not blindly follow other countries. This idea becomes one of the key points in transcendentalism; the idea of not conforming to society and to use intuition and rationality to make their own choices without fear of others. However, as shown above in the short fictional story that is based on true facts, one can see that Thoreau was not the type of man that fit in with the traditional definitions of transcend...

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... had made. He also allegedly hosted parties in Walden Pond, which were suspiciously abstained in his writings. Another point is one of Thoreau’s most famous lines - “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” (206). Thoreau made it seem like he was a firm supporter of the Spartan lifestyle, which was to live in simplicity. He wrote that because he wanted to simplify his life to the basics in order to truly find out what life meant. By simplifying his life, he would get enlightenment on how to live his life and figure out who he was as a person. In theory, this revolutionary way of thinking would certainly count as transcendentalist, but because Thoreau did not uphold his words and fell prey to the materialistic goods, as shown in his meetings with family members and his consumption of homemade food, Thoreau goes against the traditional values of being a transcendentalist.

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