The Violence Against Muslims Explained in the Article Modern-Day Witch Hunts by Jamie Dailey

The Violence Against Muslims Explained in the Article Modern-Day Witch Hunts by Jamie Dailey

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Modern-Day Witch Hunts
In the article “Modern-Day Witch Hunts”, Jamie Dailey focuses the attention on problems that Muslim Americans commonly face on a day-to-day basis. He first paints a picture by comparing the violent acts performed on Muslims to the Salem Witch trial in 1692. The Salem Witch trials resulted in 19 deaths of innocent individuals, because they were accused of witchcraft. Dailey goes on to explain in America, the type of persecution Muslims endure has many forms. A more recent controversy towards this religion involves the building of the Ground Zero Mosque in central New York. The name of this building is very misleading, especially to the eyes of an American. Even though this structure is actually built a few blocks away from where the former World Trade Center stood, problems have still risen from the public. Americans often mistake Muslims as the group of people who had performed acts of terrorism on American soil, when it was actually an Islamic group known as Al Qaeda. Mosques all across the United States started being vandalized by people protesting against their religion. This article shows how irrational fear can corrupt the thoughts of people.
The article above “Modern-Day Witch Hunts” would fit greatly into Perspective. I agree with this article in the fact that Muslims have been treated unfairly since 9/11. I have heard many people say back home that Muslims were responsible for the plane crashing into the World Trade center. America practices the right to the freedom of religion. So why is building a public mosque in America causing so much controversy? There are ways to go about this respectively. If Americans are offended with the naming of this structure, they should have meetings with the New ...

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...stian faith. Another occurrence of supposedly religious hatred occurred in Italy. A 2008 film The Evil Empire, about a Pope that engages in bestiality, caused uproar amongst Catholics. The display of offensive art has become a problem amongst many cultures.
I believe this article “The Global Culture War”, has potential to be in the current Perspective book. Even though this article seemed very biased, globally it makes you wonder how this conflict has risen. It’s hard to tell who is wrong or right in this situation; the artists whom insulted ones religion, or the people who destroyed an artist work of free speech. Where is the middle ground to situations like these? As we learned previously from articles in Perspective, you have to think of a situation at many angles. Globally, there are so many religions throughout the world, not everyone has the same values.

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