Victor Frankenstein: Epic Hero Essay

Victor Frankenstein: Epic Hero Essay

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The typical horror story in the current century is the idea of the dead, coming alive. Yet in the status quo, the zombie era is truly coming to life, and it is easy to figure out where this idea originated. The historic book Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley describes a man who creates a creature out of dead body parts of humans. Although this monster was meant for good purposes, it eventually leads to destruction including multiple murders. However, Victor Frankenstein can actually be determined as a hero by the ways in which he fits within the interpretation of an epic hero. Gregory Nagy describes these traits when he writes: “The words ‘epic’ and ‘hero’ both defy generalization, let alone universalizing definitions. Even as general concepts, ‘epic’ and ‘hero’ do not necessarily go together. These constructs - let us call them simply ‘characters’ for the moment - are in some ways radically dissimilar from each other. Even within a single tradition like Homeric poetry, heroes like Achilles and Odysseus seem worlds apart. In other ways, however, ‘epic heroes’ are strikingly similar to each other, sharing a number of central features.” (Nagy, 2006) Victor Frankenstein, the main character in Mary Shelley’s text Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus portrays true heroism through his original intention for his monster, his love for his family, and lastly his intent on justice.
First of all, Victor Frankenstein’s character in Shelley’s text has the traits of a hero by his original intention for the monster and the similarities between Prometheus and Frankenstein. Aaron Atsma describes this correlation when he writes: “Many parallels can be drawn between Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and the story of Prometheus. Despit...

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