Essay on Victims Of Sexual Abuse And Substance Abuse

Essay on Victims Of Sexual Abuse And Substance Abuse

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Victims of Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse

Sexual harassment is a case where unwelcome erotic advances, demands for sexual favoritisms, or other spoken and bodily conduct that is forcible or generates an intimidating work or education atmosphere. Though most sexual abuses occur as rape others can be non-conduct. It can be marital, statutory, acquaintance, stranger, anger/ unpremeditated. In some cases it can be violent rape happening in form of savage attack prompted by feelings of hatred and resentment. Hence sexual gratification has little to do with it. Revenge towards women- victim by a stranger is indicated in the United States department of as averagely two hundred and ninety-three thousand and sixty-six individuals who are of ages twelve or more face sexual exploitation annually (2013). The office for victims service (2015) indicate that the sexual exploitation victims can help the victim by avoiding blaming them for the occurrence, helping them cope with trauma and lawfully dealing with the aggressors (Straussner, et.el.,2005). Sexual abuse may occur as rape, which is known as the having sexual contact short of the accord of the male/female and prompted by force, compulsion, terrorization or trickery as to the nature of the performance. In this essay, there is the focus on sexual abuse but with more analysis on drug addiction relationship.
Relationship between sexual violence and drug abuse
Another case is Rohypnol where a rapist takes the tranquilizer flunitrazepam; hence, it subdues the restlessness and pain reception in the brain. Additionally, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate/ liquid ecstasy incapacitates a possible rape casualty and leads to sleepiness, amplified sex motivation, memory loss, phantasm, headache, and forfeit...

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...r female partners hence take to casual sexual encounters as they appear safe for them. The over responsibility is a way to want to seem a role model or above others as a result of having experienced violation the response comes as a result of depression hence unless one is counseled they walk consistently tends to appear to be perfect when they are suffering internally (Douglas & Finkelhor,2005). Besides, there is a situation that forces a victim to struggle being in control of life hence they seek for partners who will help them appear good. This case may lead them to be under responsible at the end of the day hence those who are close /in friendship with them feel they are being misused by this individual who pauses as weak and always needing help. In other cases, it might lead to abuse and rejection by others (Heitritter& Vought, 2006).
Prevention of Sexual Abuse

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