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There are a growing number of Veterans that routinely are discharged from the service without knowing what they will do for a job, what they will do for housing, and what benefits they are entitled to after they have served our county. Most receive an honorable, other than honorable discharge. There are a lot that have friends and family to fall back on that have served the military in the past and for the most have a working knowledge of the Veterans Administration services. There are a lot that have no one to receive the past knowledge form. These men and women could have come from a family that is believers of nonviolence to settle thing. They could be from families that have lost all remaining military family members and now have know one to draw their experience from. They could have been orphans or foster children and joined at 16 or 17 to get out of the system and in to their own lives sooner. Whatever the circumstances were these are the veterans that need more help than most. I have found that here in Wisconsin that there are about 65% of the Veterans knows what, how and who to see in order to find out what benefits are offered to them as veterans. The other 35% of these veterans do not know or understand this. There are other services that are offered also like medical, dental, death, military housing for non married and more. There is training for departing service members provided by all of the military services, however it is believed that a large part of the members do not attend these classes. It is believed that at least haft that attend do not retain the information presented to them. Some think that it is useless information because they will never need it. Some think why do I need this I’ll get a job and move up...

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...t 20% in rolled in some type of educational training at any given time. About haft are using their educational benefits with 25% having used up their Benefits. The 25% that are trying to put themselves through school are my target client. Mr. Belke says that they place news paper adds every quarter and the local radio station runs adds also but most of the veterans that responds to them are hearing about them from word of mouth. I have looked at how most of the veterans learn of it and I am looking to start a campaign to have every Veteran that comes into the office to please tell not just their friends that are Veterans but any that they meet in their everyday life. Also I would like to see posters and billboards around the county stating that all veterans should register with their local veterans office and the county hall of records with their discharge papers.

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