Vark Questionnaire: Study Strategies

Vark Questionnaire: Study Strategies

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VARK Questionnaire: Study Strategies
There are many strategies that can be used to help students study efficiently. After participating in the “VARK Questionnaire” the results revealed that I have multimodal preferences. (A multimodal learning preference is a preferred way of learning new information or material that incorporates several different styles of learning. Different modes of learning are combined such as, visual and auditory). Two of my strongest points in studying are reading/writing and kinesthetic. As I don’t use one specific strategy, I have many different study strategies. A very common technique is writing down information using the internet as a source. Most of the research that I provide is aided by the internet. I like to take notes on the research so that it will be easier to summarize the information. Another common strategy I use involves reviewing the information I have gathered repeatedly. Even though I tend to understand certain difficult topics with visual aids but I still use memorization as a key method. In most of my school related environments, memorization was a technique which was used influenced by instructors the most. Visual presentation, diagrams and charts are also very helpful in the studying process (VARK, 2013). When I am studying complicated and/or lengthy topics visual and physical representations are very essential. The use of visual aid helps me process the information more efficiently and remember the material. Some topics can be very complex and harder to understand, when you have situations of this type I address them with another individual.
Some recommendations made by the “VARK Questionnaire” were to use different variations in studying. There is no” helpsheet” provided for individuals that have multimodal preferences which means I have habits that belong in all four categories (VARK, 2013). One strategy the reading and writing category suggests includes taking notes (INTAKE), reduce the amount of notes (SWOT), study for tests using multiple choice questions and by writing information in bullet form (OUTPUT). Another suggestion made by the visual study techniques is using posters, diagrams, flow charts, graph, symbols, and pictures. Aural strategies addressed that discussing topics with others, using a tape recorder, remembering interesting examples, reading summarized notes aloud, spending time in muted areas to recall ideas and speaking answers aloud.
Using the “VARK Questionnaire” is a great way to help you excel in your education and changing your current study habits are the first step in making the change.

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Memorization is mentioned in almost every category which I can boost in my current habits. The increase in the use of visual presentations is also very significant. Visual presentations such as PowerPoint and diagrams will help study and comprehend the material further. I can also start by developing new strategies in taking notes such as using bulletin points. A good presenter that explains very efficiently orally instead of displaying a long series of notes will also help enhance my studying skills. A tip that can be included in my previous techniques is orally presenting my notes and presentations. Going over essay and test questions that will be considered on upcoming tests is also a very helpful strategy in future courses. Another change that was not mentioned in the “VARK Questionnaire” was the use of time. These strategies will definitely lead to a drastic improvement in my education.
The VARK Questionnaire is a very essential is helping students find out their learning preferences. The VARK Questionnaire provides many great varieties of learning styles. Using only the answers to the questions provided “VARK” displays different strategies and tips to help you improve and strive in your educational career. Understanding your learning style can help expand the knowledge you possess to a larger extent with easier strategies. Individuals can learn according to their preferences by just adjusting to slight changes in studying habits. People that struggle with their studying process will benefit greatly from “VARK”. In conclusion, VARK Questionnaire is a great way to improve your education with a use of new skills and techniques that apply you.

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