Vanessa George and Sex Offending Essay

Vanessa George and Sex Offending Essay

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This essay will explore reasons why females such as Vanessa George turn to the crime of sex offending. Demonstrating my knowledge and understanding of classical criminological theory, exploring biological theories such as penis envy and more contemporary views such as liberation theory within feminism. The essay will then go on to look at the inequalities female sex offenders face within the criminal justice system in comparison with males, using chivalry theory and evil woman theory to explain this.
Vanessa George is a convicted female sex offender ‘’a person who commits a crime involving a sexual act’’. A wife for more than 20 years, a devoted mother to her two daughters, and a loving nursery nurse to all staff and children was convicted in 2009 of sexually assaulting and taking indecent images of the toddlers in her care at the Plymouth nursery little teds where she worked as a nursery nurse. Once seen as a lovely bubbly character and now as an evil monster. It all started from her obsession with the internet, where she discovered her co offender who she used to share and swap indecent images with. Vanessa George’s job and previous reputation helped to conceal her sexual offences for so long. But why would a loving passive female turn into such an evil monster?
Classical and contemporary theory helps to explain gendered crime patterns. The feminist school of criminology argue criminology and criminal theory is very masculine, all studies into criminal behaviour, have been developed from male statistics and tested on males. Very little research is conducted into female criminality, this may be because women who commit crime are more likely to be seen as evil or mentally ill rather than criminal, this is because women are labe...

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