Vaccines Are A Feat Of Modern Medicine Essay

Vaccines Are A Feat Of Modern Medicine Essay

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The Importance of Vaccines
While people think of vaccines are a feat of modern medicine. Vaccines have been around in some form for centuries. In the early 17th century China, Buddhist monks drank snake venom to increase immune responses similar to how vaccines increase immune responses; and for the western population in 1798 Edward Jenner became the founder of vaccines. Jenner inoculated a young boy with the cowpox virus and developed the first vaccines for smallpox. Jenner was interested in the folklore that claimed milkmaid only got minor cases of cowpox and were immune to smallpox. So to test whether it was true he took the pus from a cowpox sore and seared it in the cut of a thirteen-year-old boy. Jenner’s theory was far from being published, so he did more testing on children. Eventually after test his vaccine on his eleven-month old son; Jenner was able to be published. Jenner created the work vaccine when he used the Latin term “vacca” which mean cow. Much like today 's population Jenner was criticized by official claiming that is was morally wrong to inject someone with diseased animal; however, the fear of smallpox was too great to reject a solution. The importance of vaccines has been proven throughout history, with the myths about vaccines being disproven, the countries that have successfully eliminated certain diseases, the health and financial benefits, and have proven that vaccine are vital to the world 's health.
Common myths of vaccines like they cause autism, vaccines contain unsafe toxins, natural immunity is better than vaccine acquired immunity, that vaccines could infect a person with the disease it’s trying to prevent, and that people do not need to vaccinate in the U.S. do to the low numbe...

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...a safer place to live. The financial benefits of vaccines can be small like not missing work because of a preventable illness, or not having to pay for a prescription of antibiotics. Although, large sums of money can be saved by vaccine through preventing people from being hospitalized, or even from funeral costs.
Finally, the benefits for vaccine have been proven to outweigh the risk. With a brief history of vaccines, the knowledge of the debunked myths, example of countries that have limited outbreaks of illness, and the health and financial benefits, the importance of vaccines are evident. Each vaccine could save the lives of many children and other individuals everywhere. The effects of vaccines are unique to the individuals and could save the lives of so many other humans. With the new advancements in health care vaccines have been proven to benefits the world.

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