Utilitarian Ethics And Land Ethics Essay

Utilitarian Ethics And Land Ethics Essay

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What We Ought To Do

The world around us is filled with different people, animals, and different land features. Some we form personal relationships with and others remain indirect relationships. Humans are altruistic beings that have an ethical responsibility to always act in consideration of the interest of others as well as themselves. Based on an analysis of the ideas presented by Peter Singer from a utilitarian perspective, the Utilitarian Moral Theory, and Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethics; I determined that as an ethical and moral agent, I have a responsibility to care and attend to all indirect relationships such as ones involving the earth, animals, and people around me. Both Utilitarian ethics and Land Ethics focus on goals of how an ideal society ought to be more so than how it is, but they still have application in current society to guide our choices and determine the morality of an action and whether or not it is ethical. Although the articles and theories I read cover my responsibility to attend to the needs of these indirect relationships each one represents a different relationship in a more specific regard. With utilitarianism it more directly supports my statements about caring for the relationships with humans, Peter Singer’s article helped clarify the responsibility I have towards animals, and Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethics showed me my duty to the Earth and the environment.
To begin, let us analyze Peter Singer’s argument regarding our ethical duty towards animals and humans alike. What is it that we owe, as a matter of justice, to distant needy strangers? Singer did not belief in prudence; actions based on ones self interest. Instead he believed in maximizing the greatest good for the greatest number...

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...n in the well-being of oneself or others, it is immoral not to do so. Elements of the ecosystem such as human organisms, plants, rocks and animals are self maintaining and moral standing integrated wholes that have ought to be responsible for each others quality of life. By following ones ethical responsibilities involving the indirect relationships humans posses with one another, animals and the earth we create harmony and diversity. Treating nature and animals and each other as organism will result, abundant ecosystem with animal life. There is some absolute poverty we can prevent, forest we can save and animals we can spare and it is our to duty to do. Since such prevention is in our power, it is our obligation to do so. In Singer’s words, “It is clear that we can all give much more than we do give, and we can therefore all come closer to the impartial standard.”

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