Essay about Using Text Messages And Phone Calls

Essay about Using Text Messages And Phone Calls

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Selfies are everywhere in society today. They’re all over social media newsfeeds and even appear in magazines. Many argue that the Selfie is the new way to communication, replacing text messages and phone calls. I disagree with this. I believe that while the Selfie is not the best way to communicate with others, because it places too much focus on the poses and appearances of the people in the Selfie, instead of their experiences, and not every person has access to a smartphone, leaving some people out of the loop.
Selfies aren’t the best communication tools, because the true intention of the Selfie isn’t always to communicate. In Humphrey’s article, it is argued that Selfie taking is a better way to communicate, because it allows the photographer to share their facial expressions with others. Humphrey states many times that a “picture is worth 1000 words,” and that may be true. Photos have the capability to send messages that words cannot. Humphrey observed from her interviews that many see Selfies as a way to allow users to record the memories being made in the present. While this is a valid truth, the Selfie is being abused in society. Most Selfie takers are using their photos as a means of winning a popularity contest. Many people take Selfies to brag to others about their new hair, or new outfit. It’s okay to share those things with others, but if the motive of the Selfie is an ego boost, then the photo loses its magic. Later in her article, Humphrey records the testimony of Pamela Rutledge, who supports the Selfie by asking “why text "I 'm happy" when you could post a picture of your smiling face,” (Humphrey). Rutledge has a strong point. By seeing a smiling face in a picture, it sends the message that the s...

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...ion. It is justifiable that Selfies allow viewers to see what friends are doing, and see where they are. But, Selfies are more often than not used for popularity contests and ego boosts. Though Selfies allow faces to convey current moods, photos sometimes lie. Someone could be having the worst day of their life, and still put on a big beaming grin for a Selfie. And no one said texting was the only other option for communication. Video chatting and the reliable phone call allow friends and family members to see and hear the voice of their loved one, helping the true feelings of the subject to shine through. And lastly, Selfies aren’t accessible to everyone; some people don’t have the technology to access the photos. Selfies are a creative way to express oneself. I believe that they should be left as a means of expression, and not as a means of communication.

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