Using Online Connectivity, And How Productive Or Valuable Are These Strategies?

Using Online Connectivity, And How Productive Or Valuable Are These Strategies?

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What strategies can be used to resist or reject online connectivity, and how productive or valuable are these strategies?

The emergence of digital communication revolutionizes the development of social exchange across the globe. Dissemination of information on the Internet is eased by communication technologies, such as smart phones and computers. Whilst the constant availability of connectivity facilitates users to obtain instant news from local to global communities, the overload of information from the “Evertime” communication model fosters the phenomenon of “Pushback,” the social media refusal. The netizens are concerned about the over-dependence on technology to control time and energy, and particularly the online image and relationships built to create emotional satisfaction is also disturbed. This essay will first examine the strategies that can be used to reject online connectivity in the approach of behavior adaptation and social agreement in order to maintain social-personal life balance. It will then review how the digital- detoxing strategies function in both personal and social aspects and justify the value of these strategies in the criteria of feasibility and effectiveness on both short and long term.

Behaviour Adaptation – Manage technology use to maintain private lives
Social networking sites (SNS) offers a platform for ubiquitous connection and engagement between users in which emotional needs is the primary motivation (Morrison, 2014). Using Facebook as an example, Boyd (2014) argues that the public spaces incorporated cultivate a direct impact on teenagers’ personal development. The attention and connectiveness gained from the public would create a positive influence on their identity and value (World Econom...

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... lives. Whilst technology tightens our connectivity with new friends and satisfies our emotional needs, the over-dependence has disturbed our daily lives routine. However, it is auspicious that online users are aware of the drawbacks that caused by social networking sites, and initiated the “Pushback” phenomenon. The better control on time and monitor the use of application presented in behavior adaptation strategies could maintain the rationality of using technologies; the collective measures that ensure quality time is spent with the loved ones are also suggested in the social agreement approach. With the fact that we could not deny the benefits that brought by Internet, it is anticipated that the incoming “digital natives” would be guided by the proper use of both online technologies while being able to stay focus on personal professional lives. All in all, the so

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