The Use Of Gfp And Its Effects On The Levels Of The Peaks Essay

The Use Of Gfp And Its Effects On The Levels Of The Peaks Essay

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When the chromatographs were analyzed for all five sequences, it was found that the peaks were uniformly distributed signals and the peaks did not have double peaks nor did they overlap. The peaks started out strong (seen from the sharpness and height of the band) but after about 600 base pairs (bp), the intensity of the peaks began to decrease. The sequence for each sample was selected and analyzed using Addgene. Primer locations (forward and reverse) along with multiple cloning site, open reading frames and orientation of sequence in plasmid were found using Addgene. The forward primer was 5’ CAGATGTCCACAATGGGAAACG 3’ and the reverse primer was 5’ ATACGATGAGGACCAGCTTCTTG 3’ and these sequences were used to determine where the primers annealed and produced the Calcineurin product. The presence of GFP was also determined using linear maps; if the linear map had a red arrow, GFP was being expressed. If the arrow was blue, either the GFP was not expressed or the sequence for GFP was not found in the region of the sequence used for analysis. After the sequence was analyzed, BLAST was used to compare the sequence with Calcineurin (NM_147180.3) and other sequences in the database. Another name for Calcineurin is Homo sapiens protein phosphatase 3 regulatory subunit B, beta. This name was seen during some BLAST results instead of Calcineurin.
Approximately 583 base pairs of sequence one was highlighted and analyzed using the linear map of the plasmid (Figure 4). The multiple cloning site (MCS) was found from 79bp to 127bp and the GFP was found to be from 128bp to 571bp. There was only one reading frame present, which suggests that there was no stop codon present between the Calcineurin PCR product and the GFP sequence present in the p...

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... to verify the presence of the insert because the restriction enzyme would uniquely cut (cut in only once place) the plasmid at specific locations and produce two bands. The insert size is 522bp and the plasmid is 6156bp resulting in a total 6678 bp. For verification, the plasmid could be cut using BglII and BstBI and this would result in two bands; the plasmid would be about 5481bp and the insert would be about 1197bp. There would be 4 controls with this: the plasmid without enzymes, the plasmid with insert without enzymes, the plasmid with insert with BglII and the plasmid with insert with BstBI. The samples, when loaded on an agarose gel and through electrophoresis, would result in bands to verify that not only did the enzymes would, but the insert was actually in plasmid and this would be seen when the gel is analyzed through chemiluminescence such as SYBR safe.

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