The Use Of Flashback Of Slavery Throughout The Novel ' 72 Hour Essay

The Use Of Flashback Of Slavery Throughout The Novel ' 72 Hour Essay

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Dealing with mental illness is difficult, but even worse when caring for a family member with a mental illness, creating the feeling of a lifetime of servitude. Bebe Moore Campbell uses flashback of slavery throughout the novel, 72 Hour Hold to explain how taking care of a family member with a mental illness can make one feel enslaved. Flashbacks throughout the novel are used to describe a mother’s, Keri, struggle of taking care of her bipolar daughter, Trina, while also insinuating that she feels her daughter’s illness has enslaved her. With the usage of slavery flashbacks author Bebe Moore Campbell creates a new reality, in which mental illness does not only affect the person suffering but also the people around them. The purpose of these flashbacks are not to just describe a minority, but to highlight the impact mental illness brings to the individual as well as the now indebted caretakers.
The worst fear for slaves on the run would be the sound of frantically barking dogs. In the beginning, of the novel Keri describes her morning and states, “I’m always grateful for mornings with no tremors, no frantic dogs barking” (Campbell 4). In this quote, Keri references to slaves on the run from their plantation. Always in fear one day the dogs would be frantically barking because they have finally caught their prey. Usage of this quote compares Keri to the feelings of a slave always in fear that the dogs are going to catch up and drag her back to her daughter’s illness. This helps create a reality in which the a caretaker of the mentally ill wakes up each morning. Hoping not to discover that the dogs have finally caught up and will drag them back to the horrible reality of the illness.
Once caught, slaves repeatedly escaped even t...

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...unt of fear his illness created. Through this instance in which a mother becomes a delivery service to her son’s illness shows this slave like impression on caretakers
Overall, usage of flashbacks to slavery throughout the novel assists in proving that mental illness does not only enslave those affected, but also the caretaker for someone with a mental illness. Whether shown through references to escaping slaves, slave trade, or the Underground Railroad mental illness has a severe impact on those encompassed by these issues. With Campbell’s usage of all these references aids in establishing the idea that mental illness does not have only a singular affect but is plural. In conclusion, mental illness does not only affect people living with this, but also has a major impact on those surrounded by this eventually causing enslavement on to both the affected and caregiver.

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