Essay on The University And The Master Of Arts

Essay on The University And The Master Of Arts

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The reason I chose McKedree University and the Master of Arts in Education in Higher Education Administrative services. First there was a position within the athletics department as a Graduate Assistant within the Strength and Conditioning Department. This would be a great opportunity for me to expend my knowledge and continue to growing as a professorial in college sports. Second the Higher Education degree would give me the opportunity to be apart one of one the largest growing nonprofit industries in the United States. Lastly it would give me the capability to work with students on a more personal level helping to improve their quality of life.
Being a part of the bigger picture not just for a pay check, I feel there should be a since of accomplishment and filament after working, higher education can give you that. Most institutions are not-for-profit. Different reasons have made this one of the largest growing and expanding industries over the past 15 years. In addition to awarding degrees, universities work with a greater mission in mind. Educational institutions know that the work being done provides opportunities for others to grow and make an impact in the world. Higher Education is the origin of modernization. With such a variety of people, the door is open to broaden horizons. The exposure to diverse culture and talent presents people with the opportunity to learn and create something new. The impact of higher education is much greater because of it both staff and staff have the opportunity to expand their skill set by taking on new projects, participating in a variety of committees, and navigating the changing landscape of higher education.
I am enthusiastic and passionate about the idea of influencing, mentorin...

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...and target the factors that can limit success of each student. Learning various policies, procedures and strategies that will help as a professional aid student successful, assisting with course planning and scheduling, time management in College/Sports/Life Balance, and setting goals so that they graduate in a timely manner.
Professionally I would like to understand and gain the knowledge if the business side of higher education. I hope that completion of this degree would give me the ability to perform position in student services such as Student Success Coach, Advisory staff, and NCAA compliance staff. To become a College Professor that assists with athlete or student affairs is my career goal. Even as a strength coach I never wanted to be that guy stuck in the weight room or gym I wanted to have more of a impact to my athletes as a student and young adult.

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