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United States of America has been a democracy for more than 200 years. The focus of this nation has always been in providing just and fair society to its citizens. This document provides a quick glance into the history of this Nation.
1. FIRST or “NATIVE” AMERICANS :Amid the continental ice sheets a land bridge known as “Beringia”,1500 km wide , emerged connecting Asia and North America. Around 1200 years ago, the first Americans crossed the land bridge from Asia. Distinct tribes, ethnic groups aboriginal to America are identified as “native Americans or American Indians. By the time Europeans arrived almost two million native people lived in America
2. COLONIAL PERIOD (1492 -1670): Columbus discovery of America led to exploration and colonization by the Europeans. They started setting up colonies and establishments and governing bodies. Thousands of Europeans migrated to America to escape from war,hunger,religious persecution, unemployment and established colonies in US .Some Africans were also brought in as slaves to work in the colonization process resulting in thirteen colonies between 1620 and 1670
The colonies that formed have English, Spanish and French territories. One of the major conflicts between Britain and France occurred in the American soil on the issue of common land interest. This is known as the French and Indian war (1754-1763) in the state of Pennsylvania, in which finally the British defeated the French. France and Spain had to give away lands under their territory to British.

a. New colonial system : Colonies gained strength in economically and culturally with long years of self governance
b. Sugar Act (1764) and Stamp Act (1765):...

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...egation implemented at different levels making the lives of African American extremely difficult. They were also denied the right to vote.
Impacts of Jim Crow Laws:
Segregation was enforced by uniformed law enforcers which resulted in protests and violent attacks. African American resisted the segregation laws with various strategies like public advocacy, individual activism and political activism .Towards the end of 20th century this led to the Civil rights movement.
Widespread demonstrations and public protests, demanding equal rights for the African American lead to a series of court cases and new legislation, passing the voting rights act.
Voting rights have been provided to the African Americans as well giving equal status in participating in the constitution and legislation process, thereby discarding the Jim Crow laws of segregation and racial discrimination.

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