Essay about The United States ' Invasion Of Iraq

Essay about The United States ' Invasion Of Iraq

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On March 20, 2003 the United States entered into a conflict on two fronts. While the
United States military was moving into Iraq, the American economy was taking the first assault
of a long and expensive fight. Victory was declared several years ago, and many are content to
leave the story at that point. Advocates of the war have hailed its expediency and relatively
minimal cost to the United States and its allies. The facts support a different conclusion. The
truth lies in the economical devastation that the war in Iraq has left in its wake. The only accurate
summation of the war is to say that the United States’ invasion of Iraq was not economically
One reason the decision to invade Iraq was not economically responsible is that the
invasion of Iraq caused the United States’ economy to fall apart faster. According to Diane
Mermigas in her 2003 article in Television Week, “Recent weeks have seen significant declines
in such critical economic indicators as consumer confidence, consumer spending, new home
sales and capital spending” ([1]). This economic downturn can be linked to the war in Iraq in two
ways. First, the war in Iraq has cost the United States’ economy trillions of dollars. New York
Times columnist Bob Herbert says that “the war in Iraq will ultimately cost U.S. taxpayers not
hundreds of billions of dollars, but an astonishing $2 trillion, and perhaps more” ([1]). A fact of
life that will never change is that wars cost money, and the longer they go on the more they cost.
The war in Iraq was initially expected to last no more than a year. Almost one decade later,
American troops still patrol the streets of several Iraqi cities. For every day that United States
military personnel remain in Iraq, the American ...

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...oil flowing again. The opposite is true right now. No matter which way the
war is analyzed, the United States has spent much more than it has received.
Clearly, the United States was not holding itself economically accountable when it
invaded Iraq. Iraq is in a state of chaos, and the United States is mostly responsible. While the
United States is not in the same state of disrepair, it is in just as bad of a situation. The United
States’ deficit is out of control, and something must be done about it. America has lost far more
financially than it has put into the war, and that is not economically responsible. Fortunately,
legislation has already been passed that requires the removal of all American forces from Iraq.
America will finally be able to do an examination of herself. Maybe then the United States and
eventually the world will get their economies back on track.

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