Tyrion Lannister Speech Analysis : The Show Game Of Thrones Essay

Tyrion Lannister Speech Analysis : The Show Game Of Thrones Essay

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Tyrion Lannister Speech Analysis
In the show Game of Thrones (produced by HBO, originally written by George R Martin) there is a character name Tyrion Lannister, this character is known for abnormal characteristics. Many people describe him as intelligent, a great speaker, sarcastic, witty, and thinking about the next step. Through both of these speeches the exigence (purpose for the speech), rhetor (speaker), and audience (person or group speech is directed) stay pretty much the same. The exigence for the speech that occurred at Blackwater, Tyrion is speaking to convince the people to fight even though their King is not present. The rhetor would be Tyrion and the audience would then be the people he is trying to convince to fight at this battle. For the second speech which occurred during his court trial he exigence would be Tyrion trying to persuade the audience that he is not guilty of killing the king. Tyrion once again is the rhetor and the audience for this speech is the court and the people in attendance. Some of the resources that Tyrion has as a speaker is his ability to make what he is saying understandable, he speaks it concisely and with as few words as possible, and his family has power. Although these are great resources for him to have there are also some things that prevent him from being as effective as possible. Some of these constraints are that he is disliked for his family name, the other big one is he is a dwarf. In the speech in the court room Tyrion states “I am guilty of a far more monstrous crime. I am guilty of being a dwarf…. I have been on trial for that (dwarfism) my whole life.” (Pages). This shows how much of a constraint that is to him. Due to his ability to speak well, most would assume that he a...

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...states that the city would not be alive without his help. This is a blatant appeal to pathos because he saved everyone. If you read through the lines a little bit it appears that he is trying to be forgiven for this apparent act because he saved the city. In the quote about him wishing he had killed Joffrey his tone comes off as angered and yet honest as if he had wished he had killed him.
These two speeches are just some of the few examples of how someone can speak to influence strictly through the use of pathos. Even though these two speeches are fictional examples of this happening there are a plethora examples of this occurring on a daily basis. From complex speeches given by presidential candidates to simple conversations with every day people. Although the use of all three tends to be more effective; pathos is still a great way to influences those around us.

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