Two Women Of The Woods Essay

Two Women Of The Woods Essay

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Two Women in the Woods

Margaret had been staring at her phone for the past hour, willing it to ring. In the end she got tired of waiting and decided to call Officer Drew herself. He answered, though he sounded half-asleep.
“Hello? It’s Margret Silva, I was calling to see if there was any update on June? I barely slept last night thinking that she could be out there somewhere.”
“I have a couple of enquiries to make today,” he replied, “if there are any developments then I shall let you know asap.”
“So I’m just supposed to sit around doing nothing then, am I?” she asked, “It’s just that this is my friend, I know something has happened to her, like she’s in some kind of danger and nobody seems to be doing much to help.”
“Until I have finished with my enquiries, I can’t give you much more information,” he sighed.
“You haven’t given me any information! I shall call again tomorrow but please remember that I’ll be waiting by my phone the whole time. As soon as you know anything please let me know asap.”
Margaret threw the phone onto her bed and sighed.
“You’re making yourself bad, you need to eat something,” said Doreen.
“But I’ve got a terrible feeling that something has happened to her, how can I possibly eat? “
“You have to keep going,” said Doreen, “God knows I’ve never been so scared in my life, but we have to go on for June. I’m sure she’ll show up soon and wonder what all the fuss is about.”
“That’s what everybody keeps saying, but ask yourself honestly; do you think this sounds like her?”
Doreen looked away and sighed. “I’m really not sure, I know she can be a little spontaneous, sometimes with no regard for others, but on the other hand, I can’t see how somebody would possibly want to harm her, that’s what’s keeping me going...

... middle of paper ... him, you know.”
“What, like she’s going to spend the rest of the holiday with Francois and couldn’t be bothered to tell us? That does actually sound like her,” said Karen.
“It isn’t though,” said Margaret. “there is no way June would leave us in the dark for so long without even a phonecall to let us know she was okay.”
“I’m not too sure,” said Doreen, “She can be quite selfish sometimes.”
“We need to get François number somehow,” said Margaret, “We need to call him to find out if she is with him, I swear to God, if I find out she’s with him and has just left us to worry like this, then I’ll never speak to her again.”
“I doubt Officer Drew would give us his number,” said Doreen, “especially after the way you spoke about Francois, he’d probably think you were going to give him some grief. We’ll have to get it ourselves somehow.”
Margaret smiled and looked at Karen.

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