Twilight Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

Twilight Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

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Is love at first sight possible? Is love and discontent possible at first sight? How can two people that have such discontent for each other fall in love? In the book and film Twilight Bella Swan and Edward Cullen both certainly did. They were drawn to each by curiosity and beauty. Curiosity drew them together, but they did not like each other very much in the beginning. They both ended up having a deep longing to be with one another and could not imagine being apart.
In the book and movie Twilight, Bella was a girl who moved from hot sunny Arizona to basically a dark and rainy place called Forks Washington. She moved there because her mother and her mother’s new husband went on the road for a while. She didn’t like forks, in fact she hated it. But she moved there none the less allowing her mother to have time alone with her new husband. She moved with her father to Forks whose name was Charlie. She hadn’t gone to Forks for a visit since she was 14.
The first time she saw Edward Cullen was in the cafeteria at school. He had reddish brown hair. He was beautiful and perfect. He had two “foster” sisters and two “foster” brothers as well who were perfect She couldn’t help to look at him more than once but did not want to appear that she was starring. He looked at her with somewhat of a smile on his face and then with a look of curiosity. The second time she saw Edward was quite different.
It was biology class when Bella saw Edward next. She was seated next to him by the teacher. Edward looked at her with hostility and anger. He continued to stare at her the entire length of the class. His eyes were black. He appeared as though something smelled bad so Bella discreetly sniffed herself thinking perhaps she smelled badly. Feeling uncomfortable, she hid behind her hair trying not to look at him for the remainder of the class. Before class was over she looked at him one last time. His eyes were full of revulsion as if he literally wanted to kill her.

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When the bell rang for class to end, Edward jumped out of his seat and was out the door before anyone else was even out even out of their seats. Bella was left frozen in her seat thinking Edward was mean. She was left to wonder why this person whom she had never met before seemed to hate her.
Edward did not come to school the next day or the next, in fact he did not return to school until the next week. He didn’t return because it made him anxious to be around Bella. When he did return he smiled at Bella and was polite and friendly. His eyes had a golden tone to them. He told her that she was difficult to read and usually could read people pretty well. He could read minds, which later Bella found out. They talked and got to each other some and then after school in the parking lot Edward saved Bella from being hit by a car. When it happened he was standing across the school parking lot. Edward insisted that he was standing next to her when she asked him how he got over to her so quickly. Even after this event Edward still showed such discontent with Bella that she couldn’t help to wonder if he wished that he hadn’t saved her from being hit by the car. He even went as far as to tell her that she should stay away from him and they should not be friends, even though they weren’t friends to begin with. He told her that she should stay away from him for her own good.
The book and the movie Twilight goes on to tell that Edward Cullen is a vampire who is angry and frustrated because he can’t read Bella’s mind. He was able to read everyone else’s except hers. He had a thirst for her blood but controlled himself from killing her because he cares for her. He became very protective of Bella and followed her to Port Angeles where he saved her from being raped by four guys.
Eventually Edward let go of his instinct to stay away from Bella or rather his instinct that Bella should stay away from him. They became close friends, but really more than friends. They became attracted to everything about each other. Their very souls were attracted to each other.
The biggest difference between the book and the movie was the ending. The book ended with Bella lying on the floor bleeding. She had fallen into a glass table and then the Cullen family was staring at her as if they were going to eat her. The book only says that Edward attempted to fight one of them off at the beginning and leaves the reader to make up their own mind in regards to what would happen to Bella next. At the end of the movie Bella and Edward are happy and a bad vampire is shown coming down the stairs of a house, as if to leave the audience thinking that there will be another Twilight movie.
Edward was put in a position of literally saving Bella’s life or taking her life by drinking her blood. Bella was bitten by another vampire and needed Edward to suck the poison out of her. He began wanting to just save her but as he tasted her blood he could not resist the temptation as he was a “vegetarian” vampire. This meant that he only drank the blood of animals. He chose to save her though in the end because he loved her, he did not want to kill her. It took a lot of strength not to kill her because as a vampire he craved the taste of blood. To a mortal who was not a vegetarian it would be like never eating a steak again. A person would just be left with that craving and desire all the time.
Edwards love for Bella was so great that he did not want to make her into the monster that he thought he was; a vampire. Bella’s love for Edward was so great that she was willing to become a vampire so that she could spend the rest of her life with him and not die as a mortal. They had a deep longing for each other and could not be separated.
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