Essay on The Truth Behind The Perfect One

Essay on The Truth Behind The Perfect One

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The Truth Behind The Perfect One
Although many women in America strive to be a part of the fashion industry, taking part is becoming not so trendy after all. Women are set on portraying the perfect image. The young teens of the world are constantly being reminded of the ideal present body images they should obtain. Although models and celebrities might be a size zero, it has been exposed recently that their tactics of getting small is unhealthy. The public eye does not see the downside of these victim’s lives while they experience many hospital visits and rehab centers. The wrong body images of women have been plastered for the past decade on mass media, illustrating all the wrong ways to stay in shape, and majorly influencing younger generations who do not know the undercover truth about the perfect ones.
Over the years, many women around the world strive to have the perfect body image. Every women wants to have a perfect silhouette, the perfect hair, and the perfect complexion. Unfortunately there are many undesirable truths behind trying to be the perfect one (“Former”). Being the perfect image has a dangerous side effect. Body dissatisfaction includes critical, physical, and mental health problems. Poor body image and low self esteem also plays a major role in body disapproval. The health problems over time catch up with these individuals. In the media it is almost impossible to see an average mediocre women (“Kovar”). These unhealthy eating habits models and celebrities have, bring on multiple problems. Women who are in the public eye are on strict diets and an abundance of supplements. ...

... middle of paper ... like them. (“Hellmich”). As teens dream to one day look like a model or celebrity, truth is that these models are not average. The way these models portray their bodies is a horrible example. These women can be disgustingly thin, and have incredibly long legs, They are setting a horrible example to the younger generation. Not only do models and celebrities effect the younger generation, they also affect young adults (“Hellmich”). These young adults tend to have low self-esteem, when they see the models and celebrities. These adults want to have that extravagant life, and be as pretty as the typical model. They begin to have poor self image and low confidence. Some characteristics of having low self esteem is, anxiety, lack of social skill, and self neglect. To conquer low self esteem is to surround yourself with good, encouraging people (“Tyrrell”).

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