The Treaty Of Versailles And The Nazi Party Essay

The Treaty Of Versailles And The Nazi Party Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles was a negotiation between the Allied powers with slight assistance from Germany. The French, however, presented modifications to significant provisions that had Germany agree to pay reparations under the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan that were soon canceled. Germany during that period of time had mass unemployment rates, high inflation, and low economic growth. In which, the Nazis took advantage of and eventually having Adolf Hitler gaining power in 1933, making Germany a totalitarian state. In order to connect how Hitler and the Nazi Party appealed to the German citizens, one must evaluate the economic background in which caused the citizens to call for help. Hitler was a prestige and well looked upon man, in which Germany favored. Hitler also helped in ways like presenting nationalistic speeches and ideas that promoted promises he aimed toward to the public. Thus, Hitler and the Nazis were able to appeal to the German public because of his political background, nationalistic ways, and his array of promises that together formed a safe haven for the public to seek help to alleviate the economic struggles they were enduring.
Hitler’s significant background along with his achievements, resulted with the public’s appeal for him during their time of need. Economic factors contributed to the German citizen 's opinions toward the current government situation of that time; the given information displays how inconsistent the political actions were. The author, Bruno Heilig is trying to connect how the German people began to support Nazi movements as poverty movements occurred; although this happened, more of the German citizens voted for the Communist party. This was also quite inconsistent considering Hitler was ...

... middle of paper ... ear to Hitler’s ferent preaching” (Doc. 6). Hitler was able to appeal to the middle class, by discussing what they wanted to hear, and in which he promised to make sure that what they want, will happen. With Hitler’s confidence and strong promises, he was able to get the favor or appeal of those who were suffering and those who were observing the struggles.
Hitler and the Nazi Party were able to appeal to the German community because of Hitler’s political background, nationalistic ways, and the several promises he announced; Together, these points formed a refuge for the public to seek in aid of economic conflicts. But, does that necessarily convey that his actions justify the means or the the ends justify the means? Hitler helped countless of citizens with economic and social depression, but he hurt an abounding amount of people in order to achieve that.

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