Essay about Translation Essentials : Debunking Myths About Translation

Essay about Translation Essentials : Debunking Myths About Translation

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Translation Essentials: Debunking Myths About Translation

Have you heard that computers have now made human translators obsolete? I 've heard it, too. Don 't worry, it 's not true, at least not yet. This is just one of the many myths and false statements that have been made about the translation service industry over the last few years. Some of the false assumptions can trace their roots back a very long ways, others are fairly recent. Let 's take a look at five of them.

1. Translation is the process of taking words from one language and changing them into words in another language. The primary fallacy in this train of thought lies in the concept of "words". Words are vehicles for communication, but they are quite limited. Instead, consider that translators take concepts or ideas from on language and restate them in another language in a way that makes sense. This is a whole lot more complex than just swapping out words.

Thinking of words as vehicles, think about a highway full of automobiles. It is not the autos that are important, it is the people and things inside of them. Simply moving a bunch of cars, trucks, and buses from point A to point B will not do much, but transporting the people and goods will. Bring the people to the wrong place and things won 't work so well. In the same way, words are only as good as the meaning assigned to them, if the words end up in the wrong order or in a way that does not have meaning in the culture then the intent of the message is lost.

2. Translation is a small market. Because many people do not deal with translation every day, they assume that translation services do not comprise that large of a market. When most people think about translation, they think about immigration paper...

... middle of paper ...

...ust because a person speaks or writes a language does not mean they do so well.

A translator must have a specific set of linguistic skills. They should also possess a keen awareness of the cultures of both the source and target languages since much of translation deals with cultural nuance. Further, translators must have field-specific knowledge to be effective. Remember, translation is not moving words from one language to another, but meaning.

Many people who are not familiar with the world of translation have presented misinformation about the industry. Never fear, the translation service industry is strong, growing, and will be here for you when you need them.


Translation Essentials: Debunking Myths About Translation

There are many falacies about the field of translation being shared as truth. This article debunks five of the most common of them.

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