Trade and Globalization Deteriorated Markets in Emerging Countries

Trade and Globalization Deteriorated Markets in Emerging Countries

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The main objective of the article is about how Trade and Globalization deteriorated markets in emerging countries and how their governments handled the situation, while the lecturer emphasized how the International Marketing and Globalization originated. The remainder of the paper is organized into three sections. Namely, summary of the listening, reading and writer`s conclusion.

To begin with, the speaker`s attention was focused on the causes of Globalization and some consequences for various trades. To enlist, flight was considered to be the first and foremost factor of Globalization. The lecturer points out how much popular it has become in a hectic world of today. Later, he also mentions how reasonable nowadays it has become to travel from point A to point B. Furthermore, he claims that especially business people are enjoying the benefits and convenience of it. Moreover, because of its high-speed, a number of entrepreneurs are able to organize individual appointments, making contracts with other business partners thus minimizing the number of hours they would spend working in the office. Secondly, news and entertainment industry which incorporates TV, Radio, the Internet, press and other means of media have had a huge impact on Globalization. The speaker outlines how all these news and entertainment spheres made into shared global culture earning billions of dollars. Besides that, lecturer states that there are no people not talking about global culture without affect of Internet, TV, Radio and films. The speaker provides some examples on how this industry has recently become one of the fruitful businesses in the world, as according to him a variety of international TV channels are purchasing popular TV shows, sitcoms, soap operas, blockbuster movies and documentaries most of which are based on common human experience. What he acknowledges is that the role of publicity via media is vast these days. He also believes that advertising in media has become a wide, quick and effective influential tool. Thirdly and finally, lecturer concludes his speech by providing information about administrative role of Globalization and implications of Globalization for marketing. Later, the speaker remarks that political phenomenon has created an easier access to solve social economic barriers, environment, crime, world poverty complications through joining heads of governments. As an example speaker gives European Union where group of countries with different cultures have come together in the sphere of co-operation. Over and above that, speaker asserts that Globalization made it possible for a local product to reach the worldwide arena and at the same time positively influencing local cultures around the world.

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While the lecturer demonstrates the causes and implications of the Globalization, the article on question “Have Trade and Globalization harmed developing countries?” gives the clear indication of what is going on in emerging. The article directly points out that Globalization can hardly destroy thriving countries. To prove that, article gives the fact that Globalization reduced the number of people who lived in poverty in 1990 through 1998 by 41 percent and it is considered to be the largest downfall in history. In addition, author convinces that all possible investigations where needful countries have remarkably defeated their deprivation was their eagerness to trade, export markets and hopefully Globalization. “Globalization, Poverty and Inequality” published by the Progressive Policy Institute given as an example in the article also confirms that Globalization is a bridge between successful development and poverty. To add, writer supposed that according to the World Bank officials, over the last ten year s 24 member states which accept Globalization have increased their financial earnings, life expectancy and education whereas, nations such as Iran, Pakistan and North Korea remained the same or similar. As stated by National Bureau of Economics Research in the article, countries grow 4.5 a year with their openness to trade in comparison with the nations which outlawed Globalization by 0.7 percent. In a period of sixteen years this brings developing countries to double in size while it took for the counterparts more or less one hundred years to go through the same stage. To sum up, many of these critics claim that Globalization is a key factor of expanding into the global battleground. In a nutshell, there is no such a country which did not go through the period of Globalization thus not all of them can not handle it properly.

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