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  • The Gambino Crime Family

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    The era of Don Carlo, which lasted from 1957-1976, was enormously prosperous for the Gambino Crime Family. At the beginning of his rule he, and many other crime families, ran into a pretty large roadblock. As Gambino was being sworn in as leader of the Cosa Nostra, President Elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a man who had “sworn to destroy people like him and rid the nation of the scourge of organized crime” had also been sworn in”(Davis 87). The Kennedy brothers, with Robert as head of the McClellan

  • John Gotti

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    From its very existence the Mafia has always been feared and respected. They are respected for the power that they posses to do what they want whenever and with whomever they please. Also the Mafia is respected for the money that they poses and the ability to get it by all means possible. They are feared by people knowing that the Mafia would not hesitate to kill someone if need be. "The roots of the mafia go way back to Sicily where their history is ancient and bloody" ( Cummings and Volkman 3)

  • Lucky Luciano and John Gotti: Two Mafia Gangsters

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    Lucky Luciano and John Gotti are two of the most polarizing and well-known figures of the US mafia over the past 100 years. Both men were the main man in their ‘families’ when they were alive. They were always in the news whether it was for their trials, or for things prosecutors said they committed. In this paper, I will try to see if the New York Times changed their language when referring to the mafia or mobsters in the time of Lucky Luciano between the 1930s and 1950s to more respectful or neutral

  • John Gotti: An American Mobster

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    John Gotti John Gotti: The American Mobster This is a story about a New York mobster, who was the Godfather of the Gambino Family. Today he is serving a life sentence in Marion Federal Penitentiary on 43 counts of racketeering, multiple murders, loan sharking, gambling, and even jury tampering. John Gotti was born October 27, 1940 in the Bronx. John Gotti had 12 other brothers and sisters. He had 2 parents, Fannie and John Joseph Gotti Sr. John Gotti started school in 1945. In 1950 The Gotti family

  • The Gambino Crime Family

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    But it’s very unpredictable. There’s so many ways you can screw it up” said Paul Castellano, boss of one of the biggest mobs in American history. Stemming from the enormous crime syndicate called Cosa Nostra, meaning “our thing” in Sicilian, the Gambino family and Cosa Nostra became a national menace. La Cosa Nostra, as it was referred to by law enforcement¬ and members, was a title for the American Mafia. The Mafia emerged during the late 1900’s and early 20th Century in New York's Lower East Side

  • John Gotti, the Infamous "Teflon Don"

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    Gotti, former head of the Gambino family was convicted and sentenced to life in prison today without possibility of parole. He was convicted on 5 counts of murder (Castellano and Bilotti, Robert DiBernardo, Liborio Milito and Louis Dibono), conspiracy to commit murder, illegal gambling, loan sharking, racketeering, extortion, obstruction of justice, bribing a public official and tax evasion (Goodstein, 1992). Acting as boss, John Gotti was believed to have made the Gambino family more than $500 million

  • The Gambino Crime Family

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    but only hit the mirror in front of him. When the news of Albert Anastasia’s death reached the four other bosses of New York, they knew that Vito Genovese would now be making a move to be in charge of the Mafia’s ruling body, the Commission. Carlo Gambino too knew this and was determined to make a power play of his own. To decide who would be the leader, Genovese decided to call a gathering that notably became the largest Cosa Nostra reunion in history. In attendance there was nearly one-hundred bosses

  • Mafia

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    The Mafia way of life may seem like a romantic updated version of the western movie played out on the streets of the big cities where the good guys and the wise guys who share the same instincts and values do battle before an enthralled public but it is actually very different. The Mafia is really just a group of uneducated thugs making money by victimizing the public. Initially, the Mafia was setup as a prominent supplier of bootlegged liquor, but it has spread into many different areas of crime

  • Monologue Of Francesco: The Menace Venturella

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    The name is Francesco, also known as Francesco “The Menace” Venturella. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a capo or what you would call a captain of the Genovese family.I had to clip some people, do some dirty work to be a capo. I have done many things that I am not proud of but they had to be done to keep order. I have dedicated my life to the Genovese Family and I would die for my brothers. All of my soldiers respect me, they are a bit scared of me, but most of all respect me. I have a

  • Gambino Crime

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    The Gambino Family Family Trust, making a profit, violence and being powerful, are all characteristics which the Honor Society also know as the Mafia followed and lived by. People may ask what does this all have to do with life in history, but this is all what the Mafia was based upon. “You have to be like a lion and a fox. The fox is smart enough to recognize traps, and the lion is strong enough to scare away the wolves. Be like a lion and a fox, and no one will ever beat you” Carlo Gambino. Carlo

  • Morello Family

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    ORIGINS In 1892, Giuseppe Morello emigrated from Sicily to New York. His family formed the city’s first Italian criminal gang. Sicilian immigrant Salvatore “Toto” D’Aquila and his D’Aquila gang acknowledged Morello as capo di tutti capi, or boss of the bosses. Morello joined with Ignazio “the Wolf” Lupo to form a counterfeiting ring that spanned from Sicily to America. Morello and Lupo eventually went to prison, leaving a power vacuum that allowed D’Aquila to break away and form his own gang. Still

  • The Mafia

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    The Mafia The Mafia is a secret criminal organization that has great economic and political control over large parts of Sicilian society and operates both criminal and legitimate enterprises in the United States. It is believed to have started during Sicily's late Middle Ages, beginning as separate bonds of strong-arm enforcers hired by local landowners. It eventually evolved into a network of independent groups governing in rural areas. With the Sicilian immigration of the late 19th century

  • The Most Famous and Well Respected Way of Making Money

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    The Most Famous and Well Respected Way of Making Money It's amazing how the life of a contract killer runs, and how one person can do so much to affect the lives of others and have no remorse. For more the forty years, Richard "the Iceman" Kuklinski led a double life beyond anything ever seen on the Sopranos, becoming one of the most notorious and well respected professional assassins in Americas history while hosting a neighborhood barbeque in suburban New Jersey. In today's society you can't

  • How Is Henry Hill A Gangster

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    The gangsters we know and love today are much different from what they were 40 years ago. From the way they talked, dressed, and went about their business, the idea of a gangster has changed a lot. But they have one thing in common and this is the fact that they both had and have a huge impact on our society. One gangster in particular, Henry Hill, contributed to a huge turning point in the methods of American criminals. Henry Hill’s accomplishments as a mobster and an FBI informant helped change

  • A Man For All Seasons - Friend or Foe

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    Friend or Foe In the book, A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt there are a few people that can’t be trusted by Sir Thomas More, the main character in the book. Richard Rich is definitely one of those men who can’t be trusted and along with Thomas Cromwell the two destroy More’s life slowly but surely and to the point of death. In the end of the book More is executed for high treason and his family goes from being very well off to having to start over. So this book shows that through deceitfulness

  • Shusaku Endo's Silence

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    Shusaku Endo's Silence The novel Silence has provoked much discussion on Loyola's campus this semester. As a predominantly Christian community, we find that the themes and dilemmas central to its plot land much closer to home for us than they would for many other schools: to non-Christians, the question of whether to deny (the Christian) God--for any reason--may not necessarily be such a personal one. Jesus' commandments to love God above all and one's neighbor as oneself do not find a parallel

  • The Hi-Tech Lynching of Celebrities and Politicians

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    politicians at its mercy. An alleged late twentieth-century incident of high-tech lynching involved the case of politician, Clarence Thomas. Thomas, appointed to the Supreme Court by President George Bush in 1991, was at the center of media frenzy when law professor, Anita Hill, accused Thomas of sexual harassment. It was Thomas’s word against Hill and though Thomas was confirmed as an associate Supreme Court justice, the lasting implications of the scandal follow both him and Hill to this day

  • Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan

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    Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan Above anything else, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan is a creation story and an investigation of human nature. The story begins in a time of chaos and death and through a journey of human development culminates in the establishment of a sustainable and rational society—the commonwealth—led by a sovereign. At a first casual glance, Hobbes’ reasoning of the transformation from the state of nature to the commonwealth is not airtight. A few possible objections can be quickly spotted:

  • Utopian Dreams

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    competitive by nature and would never be happy in a society where everyone is equal and there is no chance of advancement. Sir Thomas More dreamt of a land that was much like England but could never surpass time. He opened the eyes of a nation and made its people desire something new. Views were significantly changed and the world would never be the same. Sir Thomas More inspired dramatic changes in religion, community life and even paved the way for communism. And he did all of this through

  • Do Not Go Gentle IntoThat Good Night by Dylan Thomas

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    Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas Many people get to the end of their lives and only then do they realize what they have missed. They realize that there is something that they just did not do in life and they try to do that thing before life's end. The poem, 'Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night' by Dylan Thomas, is based around five people. There is a wise man, a good man, a wild man, a grave man, and a father. For some reason, others more obvious than the ones before