Thirsk Essays

  • Looking For Heroes Kathryne Colvin

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      At the beginning of his book, Looking For Heroes, Aidan Colvin sets out on a mission to write to 100 famous or successful people with dyslexia. Some of the people Colvin ends up getting responses from are Ms. Bancroft, Dr. Delos Cosgrove, Amanda Thirsk, Diane Swank, Ben Foss, Jay Leno and many more successful people who have struggled with dyslexia. After receiving responses from many of the successful people he wrote to, Colvin discovers that the thing that is holding him back is the same thing

  • Chronic Disability

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    which is equally important however it ignores the contexts in which individuals live with chronic conditions. Therefore healthcare providers must implement and understand that family interventions will be effective in chronic health self-management. (Thirsk and Clark

  • W. J. Eccles: France In America

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    exploration and the events that eventually lead to colonization. France In America details the events that took place in France and french colonies from colonial beginnings to the years following the American Revolution. William John Eccles was born in Thirsk, England on July 17, 1917. When Eccles was just a young boy, he came to Canada, where he lived the rest of his life. Eccles received his education at McGill University in Montreal and the Sorbonne in Paris (MU). After receiving his education he

  • Lawrence Stone, The family, sex and marriage in England 1600-1800

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    Lawrence Stone’s book ‘The family sex and marriage in England 1600-1800’ is one of controversy and contrasting opinions about marriage in the medieval era. As a medievalist historian, Stone puts forward a conflicting perspective when it comes to the medieval family unit in providing a new interpretation of the medieval family unit. In producing such a notorious argument, Stone provided the beginnings of the debate that has now surrounded the medieval family. His work, has had a mixed reception in