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  • A Fairy Tale

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    The Fairy Tale: The symbolism of the apple In the story The Fairy Tale a prostitute named Miss Noi lives in Saigon, Vietnam. She begins by asking the difference between up on and upon and is told that they have the same meaning. She beginnings telling the her story which she refers to as her fairy tale with the words once upon a time. In her story she has sex with any men from the American army. Miss Noi enjoys fruit but apples are in Saigon. As the GI’s come to sleep with her they bring her apples

  • a scribes tale

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    A Scribes Tale Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these situations. The last time I was almost sure my lifeless body would be lying on a burning pedestal, with the few friends I have staring on in sadness. I can stop wondering though – I asked to be here. It’s quiet right now, only the sound of the wolves in the distance and the chuckling laughter coming from the group as they drink themselves into numbness by the fire before they turn in for the night. I hope they plan to end soon – we are

  • Canterbury Tales: Wifes Tale

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    The Wife of Bath’s Tale In the magical days when England was ruled by King Arthur, a young Knight was riding home when he saw a beautiful young maiden walking all alone in the woods and raped her. T     his outrageous act created a great stir and King Arthur was petitioned for justice. The Knight was condemned to death according to the law and would have been beheaded if the queen had not mediated on his behalf. After many pleas for mercy King Arthur finally told the queen to decide the Knight’s

  • A Comaprison of the Miller's Tale and Merchant's Tale

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    Miller's Tale and Merchant's Tale Alison in the Miller's Tale and May of the Merchant's Tale are similar in several ways. Both are young women who have married men much older than themselves. They both become involved with young, manipulative men. They also conspire to and do cuckold their husbands. This is not what marriage is about and it is demonstrated in both tales. What makes the Miller's Tale bawdy comedy and the Merchant's tale bitter satire is in the characterization. In the Miller's tale we

  • A soldiers Tale

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    You are on a small boat, cramped with scruffy men outfitted in full combat gear. Nervous and pensive they shift about, while you stand and wonder, “What the hell is going to happen to me?” Suddenly, an older man yells, “Get ready! We’re going in!” The boat slows down, and a ringing bell goes off. The front ramp slowly opens forward…and then all hell breaks loose. A hail of bullets rips and thunders, tearing up your comrades into pieces of flesh and organs, spewing forth the liquid of life. Yet you

  • A Fire Tale

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    A spark, dry grass, the beginning of life! I am alive and I feel good! As I look around at my humble surroundings, I feel that I was made for much more. I have been made to rule the world! But food comes first… I look over at the gum trees just mere metres away. Food! I sweep over, devouring everything in my path. Nothing can stop me! Muhahahaha! The eucalyptus cackles under my intense heat and the once mighty trees bow down in awe of my awesome power. I show no mercy as I consume them in seconds

  • Canterbury Tales - Comparison of the Miller's Tale and the Knight's Tale

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    A Comparison of the Miller's Tale and the Knight's Tale It is common when considering The Canterbury Tales to discuss how some tales seem designed to emphasise the themes of others. Two such tales are the Miller's Tale2 and the Knight's Tale3. At first glance these two tales seem an incongruous pairing. The Knight's Tale is told by an eminent person, is an historical romance which barely escapes a tragic ending, and its themes are universal: the relationship of individuals to providence,

  • Analysis of The Biographer's Tale

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    Analysis of The Biographer's Tale In the wake of contemporary critical theory, the fundamental propositions on which biography rests (in particular, the notions of identity, history and life writing) have been challenged. According to Catherine Peters, biography is “a traditional, rather old-fashioned form, evolving slowly rather than by great imaginative leaps” (p.44). Therefore, these challenges to biography are most often dramatised within fiction, rather than in biography itself. However

  • The Squire's Tale

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    Squire's Tale The Squire's tale ends two lines into its third section, and following this abrupt termination is the "wordes of the Frankeleyn to the Squier."  The Franklin praises the young Squire's attempt at a courtly romance and says that he wishes his own son was more like the Squire.  This is followed by the "wordes of the Hoost to the Frankeleyn."  Many critics believe that the words of the Franklin to the Squire are intended as an interruption of the tale that threatens

  • The Epic Tale Redwall

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    Redwall is an epic tale that begins at Redwall Abbey where Matthias, a young male mouse, is preparing for a great feast. With the help of his friend, Brother Alf (his full name is Mordalfus), he catches a fully-grown grayling. The grayling is then prepared to be the main course of the feast, for many from far and wide, including the Churchmouse family, from Saint Ninians Church. Unfortunately, evil is coming their way..... "Cluny the Scourge" a giant rat, many times larger than any other, with