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  • Proctor and Gamble

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    Proctor and Gamble This paper will describe the four elements of the marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion). In addition, it will describe how each element is implemented within a specific organization and how the four elements relate to that organizations marketing strategy. The company used in this example is both a product and service driven company and is in business for profit. The company chosen to demonstrate the marketing mix has been a leader in the industry for many years

  • Proctor & Gamble

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    Proctor & Gamble Founded in 1837, Procter & Gamble is the #1 U.S. makers of household products and a recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a broad range of products including Crest toothpaste, Tide laundry detergent, Ivory soap, Pampers diapers, and Dawn liquid detergent. Procter & Gamble has operations in over 70 countries and employs over 100,000 people worldwide and markets to nearly five billion customers in over 140 countries. Procter & Gamble?s purpose

  • The Character of John Proctor in The Crucible

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    fear of the devil to justify the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  The central character in Salem is John Proctor, an outspoken, successful, and well-respected farmer who chooses to maintain a certain distance from the church.  Religious at heart, this man who has sinned, openly condemns the witch trials while hiding a secret that could discredit the main accuser, Abigail Williams.  John Proctor is a man consumed by guilt, who draws on his contempt for Reverend Parris, his love for his wife, and

  • The Character of John Proctor in The Crucible:

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    John Proctor: “God in heaven, what is John Proctor, what is John Proctor”. John is a man of strong moral beliefs, concerned only for the safety of his family and personal welfare. He cares of nothing for the beliefs of any of the other people in the town and what his supervisor which is the Reverend, thinks either. After trying to avoid involvement in the witch trials he is later prosecuted for witchery and sentenced to hang. John trys to avoid any involvement in the Salem witch trials. His reason

  • Executive Summary of Proctor and Gamble

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    Executive Summary of Proctor and Gamble Proctor & Gamble will introduce the new Bounty Toilet Paper during the first week of December 1999. This brand of toilet paper will take the already established idea used with Bounty Paper Towels, and modify to the toilet paper world. Bounty has always stressed the idea of taking the least amount of the product, but still getting the job done while at same time consisting of a strong durability. Never before has such attributes of durability and effectiveness

  • Proctor in The Crucible

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    forbidden passions. A forbidden passion between Proctor and Abigail leads into the tragedy of the play. Proctor is a man with a lot of moral problems, who always concerns only for the care of his family and social welfare. When avoiding his involvement in the trails of witchcraft, he is accused of witchery and sentenced to death. Arthur Miller shows us Proctor as a common farmer, who is honest, and respectable, who only cares for his family. Proctor lives in the town with his wife and their children

  • John Proctor In The Crucible

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    today presenting to you why John Proctor was an unfavorable and bad character in The Crucible. The story takes place in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. John Proctor a farmer who lived in Salem. Elizabeth Proctor’s husband. A hard, bitter tongued man, John a man who also hates hypocrisy. John Proctor also putting his marriage to the test having relations with Abigail Williams along with his wife creating a scandal. John Proctor wasn’t the man he proclaims to be. John Proctor is a man with many secrets and

  • John Proctor Flaws

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    are killed throughout the course of the witch hunt in Salem. Among the dead, is John Proctor, an honest farmer who has fallen into previous adultery and sin with Abigail, the one who conjures the supernatural lies and condemns her fellow townspeople. John Proctor’s involvement with Abigail, for which he is eventually killed, in addition to his personal qualities makes him the tragic hero of The Crucible. John Proctor can be characterized as a tragic hero by the outcomes of story. For example, though

  • John Proctor Flaws

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    John Proctor was a main character in The Crucible. As a main character, he has a special role in the story. He was a husband to Elizabeth Proctor with three children but at the same time, he had an affair with Abigail Williams - a girl of only 17 years old. John is known as a tragic hero in the story due to of a few flaws that determined his fate by the end of the story. John proctor is a tragic hero because of his tragic flaw, free choice, and his increased awareness of what was happening to him

  • John Proctor Flaws

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    Proud Proctor Throughout the course of the Crucible, John Proctor emerges as a tragic hero by admitting to his shortcomings and pursuing justice while retaining his integrity at the end of his life even as his tragic flaw proves to be his downfall. A tragic hero is defined as “A literary character who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw that, combined with fate and external forces, brings on a tragedy.” (Tragic Hero) John Proctor fits the mold of a tragic hero perfectly. His fatal flaw

  • John Proctor Opposites

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    1. Which two characters are opposites of each other? What purpose does this opposition serve in the play so far? An example of a character foiling one another is John Proctor and Reverend Hale. Proctor and Hale both go through a moral journey that leads each other on the opposite ends of each other. In the beginning, Hale starts out devoting himself to find out the truth in Salem through his work and faith. In the end, he then preaches the other prisoners to lie in order for them to save their lives

  • Character of John Proctor

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    The Crucible renders John Proctor as a puritan, a husband, and a highly respected man. His name is his prime possession. John Proctor is a farmer and a villager who is faced with intense dilemma. He also commits adultery, which becomes his tragic flaw. Therefore he is to make a decision to tell the truth and ruin his name or lie and save his most prized possession. By this John Proctor is portrayed as an honest, tenacious, and faithful man. Early on in the play John Proctor and Abigail Williams had

  • John Proctor Allegory

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    seventeen years old. However, this thirty year old man is also somehow the hero of the story. His name is John Proctor, and he is the protagonist in The Crucible. Now, why would Arthur Miller, author of The Crucible, create such a problematic “hero?” If one looks at what he’s done, he doesn’t seem like a very admirable guy. However, that was Miller’s whole point. Miller used John Proctor to explain his allegory to the reader - he showed us that the victims of the Salem witch trials and the communists

  • John Proctor Characteristics

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    John Proctor- Tragic Hero By: Isaac Breon Have you ever been accused of something that you didn’t do, and then up being hung for it? Well thats exactly what happened to John Proctor. You see, John Proctor was alive during one of the horrifying times in American history, the Salem Witch Trials, which lasted from February 1692 to May 1693. The main two characteristics that he displayed that I noticed the most were his honesty and pride. I will also be answering the question of whether or not

  • John Proctor Flaws

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    tragic hero usually has an error in judgement or a flaw in character, which results in his suffering and misfortunes.  John Proctor is a prime example of a tragic hero. In Crucible, John struggles with his guilt over the affair with Abigail which led to lies and unfaithfulness.  John is a tragic hero, because of his noble stature, tragic flaw, and self-knowledge. John Proctor is a man of noble stature.  He was not born into nobility, but he possesses the characteristics of a noble man. He is a

  • John Proctor In The Crucible

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    “How do you call Heaven! Whore! Whore!” This quote is said by John Proctor, a character from the Crucible, while he was in court. John was in court testifying against Abigail Williams claiming that his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, was a witch. John Proctor is a respected member of Salem. He is somewhat of a Christian man following most of his commandments, and he is also somewhat of a sinner. John had committed adultery, and had always worked on Sunday. But after reading the play the Crucible, I have

  • Look closely at the meeting between john proctor and Elizabeth proctor

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    Look closely at the meeting between john proctor and Elizabeth proctor in the prison in act 4. In what ways does it show their relationship to have changed from earlier in the play? How does Miller make this episode both moving and tragic? Miller saw a connection between the Salem witch trials in the 17th century, and the McCarthy trials of the 1950’s. What he wrote about was based on theory, which is linked to the 1950’s trials. Miller is using the Salem witch trials to criticise the American

  • John Proctor vs. Minister Dimmesdale

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    John Proctor was a main character in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” He was a farmer in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600’s. He was put to death when he would not admit to practicing witchcraft. Minister Dimmesdale was a main character in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter.” He fathered a child out of wedlock in a sinful relationship, and fell to his death when he couldn’t take the guilt any longer. John Proctor and Minister Dimmesdale had several things in common, but also had several differences

  • John Proctor in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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    The Crucible John Proctor In the book The Crucible there is a struggle within to have one have a sense of belonging to society. They want to be loved by that society no matter how much they may seem that they don’t belong. But they do want to show that to everyone, everyone that may not think that. John Proctor is a good example of a struggle to find a place in society. He’s the type of person that wants to plow his fields on the good days even if the good day is only on Sunday of that week

  • Free Essays on The Crucible: The Self Betrayal of John Proctor

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    enemy to mankind because they accepted the story that the Devil was once one of God’s angels who had fallen from grace, and that now the Devils job is to continually try to destroy what God has made. Reverend Hale reiterates upon this when he says to Proctor “...remember, until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”(Miller 68) The Puritans second belief is that of Theocracy. Theocracy is the belief in a government that is totally controlled by the church.