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  • Importance Of Police Dog

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    Police Dog Training Though dogs are domestic tame animal, they need training. There are some important things for Police Dog Training given in the article. You should be firstly sincere to your dog and love it from your heart. This is the first strategy as human beings and animals always want love. As a pet animal a dog loves and follows its master. So, read the article attentively and to train your dog in the easy way. Important Police Dog Training Police dogs must be at first experts at basic

  • K9 units - Dogs as Police Officers

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    kinds of K9 units, like patrol dogs, narcotic dogs, arson detection dogs, and explosive detection dogs. Plus K-9 units have two helpful new technology pieces to help then protect there canine partners. Patrol dogs are trained to protect its partner. The dog is trained to bite under two circumstances. The first is when the officer commands the dog to attack. And the other is when ever an aggressive move is made towards the officer the dog will attack. A patrol dog is also able to track and trail

  • Police Canine Research Paper

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    Police Canine Training I’ve always felt that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don’t fake or hide their feelings, and they are the most loyal creatures on Earth and somehow we humans think we’re smarter. I chose this topic about the canine because, some of these canines risk their life’s to protect dog’s best friend. What is Canine? The canine (K-9) is referred to as a police dog. There are different certain breeds of k-9’s used, for example ,German Shepard’s (protection, attack dog

  • The Use of Police Canines

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    Police Canine Association “The United States Police Canine Association became the largest and oldest active organization of its kind- “Ever striving for the betterment of all police K-9” – in August, 1971 when two existing associations, the Police K-9 Association and the United States K-9 Association, merged” (O’Heare). These two organizations now know that strength is in unity. From these groups merged different types of canine from basic patrol dog to the scent specialty dog and final to the great

  • Working Dogs

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    Dogs are very common in the world we know today. Many households have one or more. Dogs are trained to be pets. Not only trained to be pets, dogs are also trained for work. Dogs are getting used more and more in our work environment. House dogs can also be considered a working dog depending on why the dog is there. There are many jobs for dogs. Dogs make a big impact on our working and social lives. There are many different types of work dogs. Some types of work dogs also have different jobs for

  • Dogs

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    pets. They may be kept in cages and some may live with us freely. Dogs are well known animals with a sharp sense of hearing and smell. It is proved that the dog is a faithful animal, playing the role of a watchman, guarding our homes continuously, coming to rescue when the master is in danger. They are intelligent animals providing services to people such as assisting fire fighters by sniffing out trapped people, working with police officers at airports searching for illegal drugs or other dangerous

  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of Personal Alarms

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    For some strange reason, the police force all over the country believes that the sound of a barking dog scares the burglar away. These walking alarms have plenty of noises as much as 115 decibels. But what would you do if the thieves put your dog to sleep with a sedative or something else? Your most powerful weapon would be put out of action. That is why you need some better protection. Something that scare the attacker and alarm the people or the police patrolling nearby. Now some may say that

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rottweilers

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    Known for their strength and burly appearance, Rottweilers are a notably recognizable dog breed. Many people might associate this breed with a bad reputation of being violent or dangerous dogs, often connecting their gruff, boxy build with a dominating nature. While the saying of not to judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a dog by its looks – has been repeated to the point of cliché, there is one characteristic among several breeds that has been often correlated in media to vicious canines:

  • Drug Dogs

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    Drug dogs are classified into three categories – those that are aggressive, those that are compulsive, and those that are very laid back. These dogs go through very extensive training before performing their tasks. Training takes anywhere from three to twelve weeks. Dogs come out of this training with different types of personalities. The first of this category would be the aggressive dog. This dog is the one that tends to be forceful and damaging. The aggressive dog will tear things apart

  • Labs

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    pet throughout the world. Labs are great family dogs. They have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. The English Lab originated from Great Britain and American Lab comes from America. They are working dogs that fall under the category “Gun Dog,” and need to live where there is a lot of room to roam. Labs are known all over the world to be great with families. Labrador Retrievers are loyal, loving dogs. They are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs in the world, which makes them willing to learn